Monday January 21st, 2013

It’s Monday! What are you Reading? 

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A highlight of every week is linking up with Jen and Kellee’s meme to share all of my reading for the week from picture books to young adult novels. Such a fantastic way to learn of new titles from an avid reading community.

I read some very lovely picture books this week. Sharing my top five here.

Again, is it just me, or are there a plethora of bears in picture books? Not that I’m complaining. Love bears! But I sure do encounter them frequently.


Bear in Love by Daniel Pinkwater and illustrated by Will Hillenbrand. This is an especially sweet and gentle story of kindness and friendship. I shared my students’ reactions to this story here.

bear in love

Otto the Book Bear by Katie Cleminson I found this little treasure of a book about . . . treasuring books . . . at the bookstore today and it made its way home happily with me! Any book that celebrates reading, imagination and the love of books is an instant favourite of mine. So Otto is my new friend, the book promotor!

otto the book bear

Cheer up your Teddy Bear Emily Brown by Cressida Cowell and illustrated by Neal Layton I always love Neal Layton’s illustrations which is what initially drew me to this book. Such a perfect read aloud for early primary students that touches on a sad mood that becomes contagious. Eventually, the little teddy bear recognizes that a miserable mood can be changed with a shift in attitude and then the sun comes out and so much more . . .

cheer up your teddy bear

The Black Rabbit by Philappa Leathers  Took me right back to when my children were little and shadows were absolutely fascinating – how they followed us, walked with us, joined in at unexpected times 🙂 In this story, a scary black rabbit seems to terrorize a little rabbit until . . .

the black rabbit

Mr. Zinger’s Hat by Cary Fagan and illustrated by Dusan Petricic This is one of my favourite books of the week. A wonderful story about the power of storytelling and how it meanders this way and that between the narrator and the creatively involved listener. Always I adore books that feature interactions between generations – in this case it is young Leo and old Mr. Zinger who collectively “create” a story. And the storytelling continues once Leo has been “bit” by the storytelling bug. I read this at the bookstore today and think that I need to own it. A story you want to read and reread.

mr zingers hat

Early Chapter

Penny and her Doll by Kevin Henkes How I love that Kevin Henkes has created this series of books featuring Penny!

penny and her doll

Violet Mackerel’s Brilliant Plot by Anna Branford I am so excited about Violet Mackerel! She is the brainchild of Australian writer Anna Branford and is such a breath of fresh air in this genre. A young girl who is an interesting young girl – not all pink and cutesy but really just real. She loves discovering interesting things, appreciates the cozy feel of her pajamas on a cool morning and sees treasure and joy in everyday things. More in this series will soon be released in the North American market.

violet m

I finished two novels this week.

Delerium by Lauren Oliver I found myself surprisingly connected to characters in this story and read through it very quickly. Of course, I want to read the next in the series but am wary of who will be there and who won’t be . . .


Every Day by David Levithan I am still feeling speechless after completing this story yesterday. Shook up my thinking in a number of ways. This novel asks you to suspend belief and takes you to some very interesting places if you can do just that. Made me think that much is random and yet, that really nothing is . . .

every day


I’m currently reading Hattie Every After by Kirby Larson. With my children, we continue to enjoy The Spindlers by Lauren Oliver as our nightly read aloud.

21 thoughts on “Monday January 21st, 2013

  1. What great recommendations! I’m trying to read a new picture book each day and I look forward to adding these titles to my list. Btw, I’m with you on Every Day – speechless. It is just so smart, thought-provoking and well-written. I never would have thought of such an idea, but now that I’ve read it, it’s hard to stop thinking about it.

  2. I so loved Daniel Pinkwater’s Bear in Love – I have just drafted a ‘Very Bear List’ in GatheringBooks which will be up very soon – a smorgasbord of bear books nominated for Cybils 2012! I enjoyed so many of them. Fats has also done a review of Otto the Book Bear when we had our books about books bimonthly theme several months back. I’ve heard so many great things about David Levithan’s Everyday, and I truly am intrigued. Sounds like something that would resonate with me. Must find it! Have fun with Hattie Ever After!

    • Oh I can’t wait to read your bear list! Everywhere I look, I find bears. It’s actually a running joke with my students – they think I am bear obsessed. But really, there are bears in books everywhere! Everyday is well worth reading! Wow!

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  4. Yes, I agree with everyone-bears seem to be everywhere. Love that your students think you’re bear-obsessed! I adored Bear Has A Story To Tell, & the Pinkwater book looks very good, too. I need to get hold of Every Day-so many are saying how much they love it. Thanks for all, Carrie!

  5. I am going to go back to Every Day eventually. I agree that you have to suspend your beliefs, which I was unable to do the first time I tried to read it. I just could not buy into the basic premise so I set it aside. It is getting all the buzz right now so I may try again later. For now, it just wasn’t for me.

  6. What a range of books Carrie! It’s true, there are bears in so many books. I read One by Kathryn Otoshi to my class. It was a picture book you recommended to my class and we loved it (and I mention your name on my blog post). Thanks!

  7. You accomplished some great reads this past week! I loved Delirium and I think Pandemonium is even better. And I just discovered the Violet Mackerel series – glad to hear you are fan of it. Seems like a good series to recommend for fans of Judy Moody and Ivy Bean, yes?

  8. I’m on to Pandemonium this week. Just read Every Day a few weeks ago (lovely!)…both great choices! I love your pic book recommendations. Mondays are my day to catch up on children’s book recommendations since my “9-5” job leaves me immersed in YA. Happy Monday!

    • It’s a lot of fun to check out all of the wonderful picture books out there. I get to be immersed in them all day in a primary classroom and so love #IMWAYR for all of the YA books being discussed!

  9. Since you teach 2nd/3rd, I just wanted to,mention my kids new favorites. My seven year old boy (a somewhat reluctant reader) LOVES the Frankie Pickle series, and my almost nine-year-old daughter is hooked on The Genius Files!

    • Thanks Corey

      I have a few of the Frankie Pickle books and a few boys definitely like them. I don’t know The Genius Files. Going to check it out. Thanks for the suggestions! Picture books are still HUGE in my room. Series that are currently popular: Lunch Lady, Captain Awesome, FangBone and Heidi Hecklebeck.

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