Nonfiction Resources

Know your nonfiction titles! 

A list of links, posts, blogs and resources to help you keep up with the world of nonfiction picture books.

 Nonfiction Resources There's a Book for That

Blogs that highlight a lot of nonfiction titles:

KidLitFrenzy and all of the blogs that regularly participate in Alyson Beecher’s Nonfiction Picture Book challenges. All of my posts from 2017 are here, from 2016 are here, from 2015 are here, from 2014 here and from 2013, here.

The Nonfiction Detectives

Celebrate Science

Librarian’s Quest

Delightful Children’s Books

Under the category of picture books Mary Ann Reilly shares fantastic themed lists by subject and grade level ranges on her blog Between the By-Road and the Main Road

Best of Lists:

The Nerdy Book Club: Nonfiction Picture Book Winners:  2013 winners,  2014 winners 2015 winners,  2016 winners  and 2017 winners

School Library Journal’s Best Nonfiction of the year: Here is the 2013 listthe 2014 list,  the 2015 list,  the 2016 list  and the  2017 list

Waking Brain Cell’s best nonfiction list: Top 20 2013 titles , the Top 30 of 2014,  top 2015 titles ,  top 10 of 2016   and the top titles for 2017

Cybils (Children and Young Adult Bloggers’ Literary Awards) – nonfiction for Elementary and Middle Grade finalists for 2012, 2013 , 2014 , 2015  2016  and 2017

National Science Teachers Association: Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students K-12


The Children’s Literature Roundtables of Canada’s Information Book Award

Robert F. Sibert Informational Book Award

Cook Prize (STEM) Award 

NCTE Orbis Pictus Award for Outstanding Nonfiction for Children

Pinterest boards featuring nonfiction picture books:

My boards: Nonfiction and Wishlist: nonfiction picture books

2014 Best Children’s Nonfiction by Tasha Saecker

Best Non-fiction for Kids by Pragmatic Mom

Great Nonfiction for Kids by Choice Literacy

Building a Nonfiction Classroom Library by Alyson Beecher

Melissa Stewart has started a board that highlights blogs that share lots of nonfiction: Blogs Worth Reading Many of her other boards are fantastic.

Some posts on my blog which feature a number of favourite nonfiction titles:

Nonfiction Picture Books Grow a Beginning Collection

Wonder Inducing Nonfiction Read Alouds

Swoon Worthy Nonfiction Picture Books

Endangered Animals: Building a Read Aloud Collection

The Wonder of Women. (10 picture book biographies about women in history)

Water connects us all

Favourite Nonfiction Titles Read in 2012

Favourite Nonfiction Titles Read in 2013

Favourites of 2014 – nonfiction titles read, but not published in 2014

Favourite Nonfiction of 2014 – published in 2014

Change your perspective -10 titles that allow us to think about something from a completely new or different perspective.

20 favourite nonfiction titles of 2015

Travel the World: 10 titles that do a particularly fantastic job of capturing a sense of place

Nonfiction favourites of 2016

Nonfiction 10 for 10: Dive Down Deep

Nonfiction favourites of 2017

Nonfiction 10 for 10: Wandering through Wonders

Fantastic nonfiction picture book lists featured on other blogs:

75 Great Science and Nature books for Kids under 6 (Melissa Stewart on Celebrate Science)

Series and Authors for Primary Students by Michele Knott

100 of the Best Books for Children on Sustainability, Gardening and Nature from Children’s Books Daily

Using nonfiction books with children: (Posts are from this blog unless specified)

Teaching with a passion for nonfiction picture books: Part 1: Everywhere you look, let there be nonfiction

Teaching with a Passion for Nonfiction Books: Part 2: The importance of the nonfiction read aloud

Teaching with a Passion for Nonfiction Books: Part 3 A: Interacting with nonfiction: getting students reading, thinking and talking together

Teaching with a Passion for Nonfiction Books: Part 3 B: Reading and working with the texts

Nonfiction conversations: Talking nonfiction picture book biographies with kids

Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesday: What nonfiction title do you want to read next & why?

Nonfiction “on the go” in our room

Nonfiction conversations: Book sharing circles – what nonfiction titles are we drawn to and why

Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesday: The nonfiction effect 

Perfect Pairs in Action – on Kid Lit Frenzy (using Perfect Pairs: Using Fiction and Nonfiction Picture Books to Teach Life Science, K-2 by Melissa Stewart and Nancy Chesley)

Perfect Pairs in Action Part II – on Kid Lit Frenzy 

Falling in Love with Nonfiction on Kid Lit Frenzy 

Setting the Stage for Writing about Nonfiction: written by Tara Smith on Two Writing Teachers 

Fiction in Children’s Nonfiction on Kid Lit Frenzy 

Including Nonfiction in Your Independent Reading Time by Michele Knott for Scholastic

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