The Boy on Cinnamon Street

Welcome to book club everyone! We are thrilled to see many voracious readers returning from last year and some eager new members joining us!

Our first book for the 2013/2014 school year is The Boy on Cinnamon Street by Phoebe Stone.

The Boy on Cinnamon Street

Prepare to meet some wonderfully quirky characters. Appreciate just how great grandparents can be. Be moved by Louise’s sadness and her journey to face her feelings. This book is touching, full of the complexity of friendship dynamics and absolutely beautifully written.

Read along with us!

27 thoughts on “The Boy on Cinnamon Street

    • We discuss in person at our school meetings but also discuss and comment on line. We are reading up to chapter six for next week’s mid week meeting. We would love you to join us via this forum and comment on anything that spoke to you or that you are wondering about in the first 5 chapters! It’s a really special little book 🙂 The students in our group are in Grades 4-7 and very keen readers.

  1. Ms Gelson… This book has left me BREATHLESS I Just finished it and… I Hate to Admit it but… I Cried. I Got all Sappy and I Think This Could Be My Number One Favourite Bookclub book. Ms. Gelson For Choosing this and all other books, You Are My Idol.

    • Jena, your comment made me breathless. I am so excited that this book touched you in this way and that you had such a strong reaction. We actually chose this title because of a comment/request you made to Ms. S last year about future book club choices. If you aren’t sure, come and see me Monday and I will tell you 🙂

      I feel so lucky Jena to still be part of your reading life even though I am no longer your classroom teacher. Thanks for the comment and for sharing your feelings!

      • Don’t Worry Ok? Gosh It’s Not Like I Have Time To Tell You Anyway… Hahahaha I’m Joking Just Joking

  2. Hello Book Club! We agreed to read up to Chapter 13 for next week. I know many of you have not been able to resist reading the whole book. It is THAT good. But just peek again at those chapters so we don’t address plot points beyond that chapter to respect those that are reading along at the weekly pace.

    Thank you for giving me permission to share (with no names attached) your answers to one of the questions we shared last week: What would it be like if you lived with just your grandparents?

    Answers were interesting!

    “I would be really fat! My grandparents would feed me all of the time. They cook really delicious food. But if I lived with my other grandparents, I would be really skinny and always riding bikes!”

    “Probably pretty free. They are not very bossy.”

    “A nightmare. Don’t do this . . . Nagging all of the time.”

    “I would have too much freedom. They would let me do whatever. I like being bossed around.”

    “Oh . . . horrible. I have no words to describe it Well maybe . . . disastrous, awful . . . ”

    “I would be sleepy and tired all of the time. They would wake me up too early.”

  3. Ms.Gelson I have just read the part about the street names…IT WAS HILARIOUS!!!! I laughed so hard!!:)

  4. oh I also making a book at my Writers Exchange called the lost novel. Everyone from the book club is going to be in it. They said maybe everyone in the book club even gets one copy! Can’t wait till I’m done! 🙂

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  6. Ohhhh….I haven’t read up to Chapter 13 yet….I’m going to bed now to read!!! Can’t wait to get to Book Club tomorrow! Heather is coming too!!!

  7. This is one of the best book club books I have ever read in fact it’s one of my top 20 favorite books. When I first got this book on (Friday Oct 4 2013) I was hooked to the book instantly I finished the book the next day and I was sad and happy I finished it. I was sad because I will never read any book that is this amazing and I was also super duper excited because it’s my top favourite book I highly recommend this book to everyone out in the world that’s how amazing this book is. I also like how the author (Phoebe stone) writes her books I’m currently reading another of her books called: Romeo blue it’s really good. And this might be a possible bookclub book to read too ,maybe :). Also Ms.gelson i wonder how you choose really good books maybe it’s magic 🙂
    if I was able to give this book a rate it would be 100/100

    • A little book of magic, yes. Books are some kind of wonderful and sometimes I read a certain book and it jumps out at me as PERFECT for book club! I am thrilled you love this title so much and that you have gone on to read another title by the same author! I would also like to read Romeo Blue!

  8. also I have a question – are we supposed to finished the whole book or were we supposed to read up to a certain chapter because i don’t want to spoil it to anyone especially to Alyson jk jk. So it would be great if you told me chapter we were supposed to read up to thank you 🙂 ❤ I love this book so much

  9. Hello Book Club!
    See you in a few days where we will discuss up to Chapter 21!
    Highlights of our discussion last time included these comments:
    “I love the relationship between the Grandma and Grandpa. They are so in love.”
    “I just call her Louise because Thumbelina is kind of strange.”
    Henderson . . .
    “is a go getter”
    “is his own person”
    “shows initiative”
    “Whoa . . what did you think about the letter from her coach on page 86?”

    Happy reading!

  10. How we loved this title! What came through loud in clear in our final discussion was how so many details were wrapped up at the end of this book. Many of us confessed being teary. Many of us think Henderson is some kind of wonderful! And we loved the writing. Many students want to read another Phoebe Stone title.

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