The Summer of Riley

The Summer of Riley by Eve Bunting invites us into a world where looking after a pet becomes very complicated.

The Summer of Riley

Riley comes into William’s life when he really needs the love and companionship a dog can offer. His parents have split up, his father is now engaged and his beloved grandfather has just passed away. But when Riley chases after a neighbour’s horse, she has local law enforced. What can William do to help Riley? What is possible? What kind of power can one boy have?

We are excited about the conversations this title is going to spark. Come and read along with us!

2 thoughts on “The Summer of Riley

  1. Hello Seymour Book Club Members — I hope you are doing well and reading A LOT! Thanks to your inspiration (watching you read books, talk about books and even HUG books) and the inspiration of Ms Gelson and Ms. Shepherd-Dynes (of course), I have started book club at Graham Bruce Elementary. Along with the amazing teacher librarian, we are meeting with 12 very avid and excited readers at lunch time on Thursdays. Right now we are all enjoying the second of Kevin Sylvester’s Neil Flambe books. A super fun mystery! Based on your reviews of your first book club this year, I should get reading The Boy on Cinnamon Street. Thanks again for being such an inspiration to me. Happy reading. 🙂

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