There is power in sharing stories together!

To read more about #classroombookaday routines and for title ideas, here are some fantastic resources.

#classroombookaday was started by Jillian Heise who was inspired by Donalyn Miller’s #bookaday twitter hashtag.

On Jillian’s blog: how #classroombookaday got started and yearly updates since – read here

On Nerdy Book Club: #classroombookaday & the power of shared (picture book) stories by Jillian Heise

Listen to an informative and information packed podcast on Books Between with Jillian Heise.

Read about Mirrors, Windows, and Sliding Glass Doors by Rudine Sims Bishop 

For book ideas:

Google + community for Picture Book 10 for 10 and Nonfiction 10 for 10 – links to numerous book lists

Check out the #classroombookaday twitter feed Regular photos of books and weekly themes are posted here.

**I often get asked about the magnetic ledges I display #classroombookaday titles on – these are magnetic display trays from Lakeshore Learning.

On my blog, I frequently make lists and I keep a list of them here. There are numerous themed lists here (both fiction and nonfiction titles as well as novels).

I share my #classroombookaday titles around a theme each week. If you are interested in the theme approach, here are a few themes to get you started with possible book lists. I’ve included 5 books with each theme as suggestions – with a mix of more recently released and older (released 2 years or more ago) titles. This is just a beginning! Many of these titles could be used for multiple themes.



  1. Elwood Bigfoot: Wanted: Birdie Friends by Jill Esbaum and illustrated by Nate Wragg
  2. Herman and Rosie by Gus Gordon
  3. Ida, Always written by Caron Levis and illustrated by Charles Santoso
  4. Be a Friend by Salina Yoon
  5. Don’t Play with Your Food by Bob Shea

Extraordinary Friendships:

Marilyn's Monster

  1. Marilyn’s Monster written by Michelle Knudsen and illustrated by Matt Phelan
  2. The Adventures of Beekle, The Unimaginary Friend by Dan Santat
  3. Dear Dragon written by Josh Funk and illustrated by Rodolfo Montalvo
  4. Sophie’s Squash written by Pat Zietlow Miller and illustrated by Anne Wilsdorf
  5. Imaginary Fred written by Eoin Colfer and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers


  1. Those Shoes written by Maribeth Boelts and illustrated by Noah Z. Jones
  2. Melissa Parkington’s Beautiful, Beautiful Hair written by Pat Brisson and illustrated by Suzanne Bloom
  3. Wilfred written and illustrated by Ryan Higgins
  4. The Farmer and the Clown by Marla Frazee
  5. I Walk with Vanessa: A Story about a Simple Act of Kindness by Kerascoeet

Being Brave: 

  1. Lenny and Lucy written by Philip C. Stead and illustrated by Erin E. Stead
  2. Jabari Jumps by Gaia Cornwall
  3. After the Fall: How Humpty Dumpty Got Back up Again by Dan Santat
  4. Black Dog by Levi Pinfold
  5. Ruby’s Wish written by Shirin Yim Bridges and illustrated by Sophie Blackall

Doing the Right Thing:

  1. Wolf in the Snow by Matthew Cordell
  2. The Rooster Who Would Not Be Quiet! by Carmen Agra Deedy and illustrated by Eugene Yelchin
  3. The Invisible Boy written by Trudy Ludwig and illustrated by Patrice Barton
  4. Desmond and the Very Mean Word written by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Douglas Carlton Abrams and illustrated by A.G. Ford
  5. Bird Child written by Nan Forler and illustrated by François Thisdale 


  1. Milo and Georgie written by Bree Galbraith and illustrated by Josée Bisaillon
  2. Nana in the City by Lauren Castillo
  3. Soccer Star written by Mina Javaherbin and illustrated by Renato Alarcão 
  4. Emily’s Blue Period written by Cathleen Daly and illustrated by Lisa Brown
  5. A Day with Yayah written by Nicola I. Campbell and illustrated by Julie Flett.


  1. Sparky! written by Jenny Offill and illustrated by Chris Appelhans
  2. Prudence Wants a Pet written by Cathleen Daly and illustrated by Stephen Michael King
  3. Alfie: (The Turtle That Disappeared) by Thyra Heder
  4. One Word from Sophia by Jim Averbeck and Yasmeen Ismail
  5. The Pet Project Cute and Cuddly Vicious Verses written by Lisa Wheeler and illustrated by Zachoriah Ohora

Being Who You Are:

WormLoves Worm

  1. Worm Loves Worm by J.J. Austrian and illustrated by Mike Curato
  2. Rot, the Cutest in the World! by Ben Clanton
  3. Why Am I Me? written by Paige Britt and illustrated by Sean Qualls and Selina Alko
  4. Marshall Armstrong is New to our School by David Mackintosh
  5. Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown

Coming to a New Country:

  1. My Beautiful Birds by Suzanne Del Rizzo
  2. My Two Blankets by Irena Kobald and Freya Blackwood
  3. Lost and Found Cat: The True Story of Kunkush’s Incredible Journey written by Doug Kuntz and Amy Shrodes and illustrated by Sue Cornelison (nonfiction)
  4. The Journey by Fransesca Sanna 
  5. Two White Rabbits by Jairo Buitrago and Rafael Yockteng

Appreciating Nature:

  1. Florette by Anna Walker
  2. Sonya’s Chickens by Phoebe Wahl
  3. A Walk in the Forest by Maria Dek
  4. What Forest Knows written by George Ella Lyon and illustrated by August Hall
  5. When Green Becomes Tomatoes Poems for All Seasons by Julie Fogliano and illustrated by Julie Morstad

Problem Solving/Creative Approaches:

  1. Kate, Who Tamed the Wind by Liz Garton Scanlon with illustrations by Lee White
  2. Julia’s House for Lost Creatures by Ben Hatke
  3. The Book of Mistakes by Corinna Luyken
  4. Hana Hashimoto, Sixth Violin written by Chieri Uegaki with illustrations by Qin Leng
  5. The Thing Lou Couldn’t Do by Ashley Spires


Biographies – Women

  1. Shaking Things Up: 14 Young Women Who Changed the World written by Susan Hood and illustrated by 13 extraordinary female illustrators
  2. Life in the Ocean: The Story of Oceanographer Sylvia Earle by Claire A Nivola
  3. Cloth Lullaby: The Woven Life of Louise Bourgeois written by Amy Novesky and illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault
  4. The Tree Lady by H. Joseph Hopkins and illustrated by Jill McElmurry
  5. Helen’s Big World The Life of Helen Keller  written by Doreen Rappaport and illustrated by Matt Tavares

Biographies – Men

  1. Radiant Child: The Story of Young Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat by Javaka Steptoe
  2. Emmanuel’s Dream: The True Story of Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah written by Laurie Ann Thompson and illustrated by Sean Qualls
  3. The Boy who Loved Math: The Improbable Life of Paul Erdos written by Deborah Heiligman and illustrated by LeUyen Pham
  4. Six Dots: A Story of Young Louis Braille written by Jen Bryant and illustrated by Boris Kulikov
  5. Chef Roy Choi and the Street Food Remix written by Jacqueline Briggs Martin and June Jo Lee with illustrations by Man One

For more nonfiction themed lists visit this link on my blog. Lots and lots of titles!