Reading Workshop Resources

Do you want to learn more about Reading Workshop? I have included titles of professional resources, relevant blog posts and useful links to help build and organize your classroom library.

Looking for titles to include in your classroom library? It is a pleasure to share some of the popular series and titles at various grade levels. Of course, reading and interest levels are not fixed by age and grade. Many of these titles will appeal to a wide range of readers. Look under this tab, for specific lists by grade level

Some professional resources I turn to?

Catching Readers Before They Fall by Pat Johnson and Katie Keier

Reading in the Wild by Donalyn Miller

Disrupting Thinking: Why How we Read Matters by Kylene Beers and Robert E. Probst

No More Independent Reading Without Support by Debbie Miller and Barbara Moss

The Reading Strategies Book by Jennifer Serravallo

To listen to teacher’s questions answered by Jennifer Serravallo, go here These are short podcasts answering questions posed by teachers.

Setting up your classroom library?

How to organize a classroom library: 20 points to consider

My classroom library: beyond the books, 10 important features

I wrote a series on this blog of all the aspects involved in maintaining your classroom library over the summer (or during the year):

NCTE position statement on classroom libraries

On the School Library Journal Blog:

Thinking Outside the Bin: Why labeling books by reading level disempowers young readers

Fountas and Pinnell Say Librarians Should Guide Readers by Interest, Not Level 

Five Ways Your Classroom Library Will Sell Itself from Three Teachers Talk

Our Classroom Libraries: Connecting, Stretching, Evolving from Cathy Mere

Curating a Classroom Library by Katherine Sokolowski (for Choice Literacy)

From To Know and Nuture a Reader tips on stocking and organizing your classroom library

Relevant blog posts:

On my blog:

Reading Workshop Truths

Celebration: The Formula

Readers Happened Here

Literary Nest Building 101

From Here

From Three Teachers Talk:

Want to Be a Better Reader? Pick up a Book

Going Broke Buying Books

Reframing Independent Reading: Can we Start by Not Grading it?

My Classes are only 45 minutes — How Do I Do Workshop?

How to Confer Like a Ninja

From Donalyn Miller:

I’ve Got Research. Yes, I Do. I’ve Got Research. How About You?

The Importance of Choice in Fostering Independent Reading

How to Accelerate a Reader

From Literacy for Big Kids (Stacey Riedmiller)

Classroom Theory and Best Practice

Conferring is the Heart of Workshop

From Travis Crowder:

Meet Them Where They Are

Our of Chaos, Beauty

On the Nerdy Book Club blog:

Not accessible or is it?

Cultivating a Reading Community Through Conferences – a video of a Facebook live event with Stacey Riedmiller

From All the Wonders:

Why You Need a Vibrant Classroom Library Episode 2

From Jennifer Serravallo

Getting to Know Your Students as Readers 

From Pernille Ripp:

The Reading Rules We Would Never Follow as Adult Readers 

On Creating Reading Experiences

A Call for Common Sense Reading Instruction

On Limiting Choice

From Learning at the Primary Pond

What Does Reading Workshop Look Like in the Primary Grades?