The Three Ninja Pigs

The Three Ninja Pigs by Corey Rosen Schwartz and illustrated by Dan Santat was   our BLG book this week! Thank you to Pearl for sharing it with us. This was certainly not the Three Little Pigs story we thought we knew!

3 ninja pigs (1)

This was one fun fractured fairy tale! A not to be missed adventure!

Instantly, we were charmed by these three pigs who were not about to let a big mean wolf boss them around. The fact that they went to Ninja School? Absolutely fascinating!

Each pig chose a different martial art to practice. Akido, jujuitsu and karate! Wow, we were intrigued. Santat’s illustrations are so engaging and the students all strained to get close up looks of the pictures. All of the action scenes, the bravado, the humour has huge kid appeal and we were hooked completely.

Unfortunately, the first two pigs had not paid enough attention to the learning and practice necessary to become masters of their chosen martial art. Neither could overpower the wolf. When Pig Three announced that she was a “certified weapon,” a hush fell over the room. The wolf might have tried to be brave as he hurled a few choice insults at the pig, calling her bacon and claiming not to be intimidated, but we knew he was scared. And so he should have been. Pig Three was a keen student. She was ready to take on this wolf and realizing he was outrivaled, the wolf retreated, making the third little pig a hero!

There was some surprise that the third pig was female. One student interrupted, “Hey! Hold on! I didn’t know there was a girl.” But while students were writing their reviews, a few girls mentioned to me that they were happy that the smart pig was a girl pig. When I read this book to my own children, my daughter cheered at the end. “Yes! Girls! They are full of determination!”

A fan of pig power? Girl power? Stories where the bullies don’t win? This book delivers! Kiya!

Student reviewers respond:

Vicky: My favourite part was when the third pig showed karate to the wolf. I was thinking about the Three Little Pigs Book. This was funnier. Why did the first pig and the second pig not listen?

Shereese: That was funny when pig #1 fell asleep. I like when pig #3 was learning.

Ethan: The first pig fell asleep and he did akido. The second pig did jujitsu. He did a little better than that first pig. The first pig did better than every pig and the wolf too. I like the end. It’s a happy ending.

Pheonix: Pork Chop! Pork Chop! I like that part best.

Gracie: My favourite part is when the wolf says to the third pig, “Yo Bacon! I’m not scared of you.” It’s funny. But why did the first pig fall asleep? And I liked that the third pig was a girl! 🙂

Giovanni: That wolf started to shake!

Andrew: My questions: Why did the first pig fall asleep? Why did the second pig left the dojo? The third pig did all of her training. I learned I should listen.

Heman: It was funny when the first pig fell asleep in the middle of training. My favourite part is when the third pig scared the wolf away. The third pig did karate!

Kala: It reminds me of a karate kid movie. The wolf is being naughty. I like that they went to school.

Ashley: My favourite part was that the pig fell asleep. It was funny so much! The number three pig was good at listening. The wolf seems mean to the pigs. I like the number three because she listens so much.

6 thoughts on “The Three Ninja Pigs

  1. Hi, everybody. Thank you so much! I love these reviews! Andrew and Gracie asked why the first pig fell asleep. Well, guess what? That wasn’t my decision. That was something the illustrator came up with himself when he was doing the art. I guess he wanted to show that Pig One was SO “unmotivated” that he couldn’t even be bothered to stay awake for his lessons! What’s another way he could have showed that? I’d love to hear your ideas!

    • Corey
      We were thrilled that you commented on the blog! And that you liked our reviews. And that you asked us a question! We thought about it a lot and came up with a few ideas: show him sitting on a bench all tired with a cup of coffee (Gracie), show him yawning (Pheonix), show him going out the door (Gracie), have him look exhausted (Kassidy) or show him sitting out (Ethan)

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  3. I really like these well considered comments from your students. Great job. Corey is so nice. I bet she sent you some bookmarks for everyone. She has a terrific teacher’s Guide for Three Ninja Pigs. I am curious if your class has read any of Helen Kettman’s fractured fairy tales. We love Armadilly Chilly. Here are some of her terrific books.

    • She did send us bookmarks and the kids were thrilled! Thank you for this link. I will check it out! I don’t think we have read any of these books. Great suggestions! Looks like lots of armadillo books! Fun.

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