The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School

Dan, our BLG reader this week brought in the engaging story The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School written by Laura Murray and illustrated by Mike Lowery.

Poor, freshly baked gingerbread man loses the children who made him! He races all over the school looking for his children and repeating to anyone who might be able to help:

“I’m the Gingerbread Man. And I’m trying to FIND

The Children who made me But left me BEHIND.”

It is quite a dramatic search – he loses a toe, ends up in someone’s lunch bag and lands in the principal’s chair. Where are those children?

The principal points out that the children are also searching for him and reveals the “Missing” posters posted all over the school. The Gingerbread Man and his children are reunited and all is well. Told with fun rhyming text and cartoon like illustrations. Lots of fun!

Some funny discussion happened as Dan read this book. At the end of the story, the students show the Gingerbread Man the house they had made for him. This prompted the students to think about why he would need a house.

Shae-Lynn: “Does he need to sleep in there?”

Sergio: “Yeah, cuz he’s real! But he could just sleep in the oven.”

Shae-Lynn: “No, because, he’ll get cooked!”

Sergio: “Oh yeah.”

Our student reviewer reports:

Truman: I like the book because the gingerbread man keeps going in rooms and can’t find the people who made him!