#Mustreadin2019 Year end update

In January, I had 30 titles on my #MustReadin20189 list and a plan: read at least 20 books on the list.  Permission to read most of the titles makes for a more enjoyable year of reading. I still have unread titles on my list. And that’s okay! It was, as always, a happy process to make a reading plan and try to commit to it.

Making a list like this is about being enthused about a year of reading ahead. It is also about building community. 28 other bloggers joined me in making #MustReadin2019 lists of their own. Many people remained connected all year, posting (purely optional always) updates.  Others only occasionally glanced at their lists. It doesn’t matter. It’s all about being excited about an ever growing and changing book list. And sometimes, just making the list signifies a commitment to being a reader even if you don’t read a single title from your list! Other reading happens. And life happens. And so we do our best.

This year I finished only 18 of the 30 titles on my list. All things considered, this is amazing. Something to celebrate even if it is not the progress I usually make.

Since the fall update, I completed these titles.

Wonderland by Barbara O’Connor

Song for a Whale by Lynne Kelly

My dear #MustRead community, I am hoping to get it together enough to host this challenge for 2020. Please look out for signs that I pulled it together by January 1st. If it doesn’t happen, know that I am with you in reading spirit.

15 thoughts on “#Mustreadin2019 Year end update

  1. Thanks so much, Carrie! I love this little reading community we’ve had for the past couple of years. In fact, you’ve inspired me to do something similar with my children’s lit class in the spring.

    I hope you’re having a joyous holiday season!

    Here’s my update: https://wp.me/p14eyw-2ho

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