Making Vegetable Creatures

Our session today with Growing Chefs was a lot of fun!

We started by celebrating how well our windowsill vegetable gardens are growing! Not only are they thriving but . . . we got to do some tasting today. The verdict on arugula: “spicy”, “nutty”, “like radishes” and a “yuck!”

Arugula anyone?

Claire then read How are you Peeling? Foods with Moods to the class as an inspiration for making some vegetable art!

We appreciated the inspiration and happily selected from a variety of vegetables to create some odd vegetable creatures!

Raelyn created a zucchini sea monster!

Ashanti tried not to be too scared by the vegetable monster she made!

Hailey made a vegetable “guy” with a cool hairdo!

Carmen’s vegetable creature could stand by himself and was it just me or did he always seem to be watching us . . . ?