Monday on the Mountaintop!

So what better way to spend a Monday than up on the mountaintop? Add some falling snow, some snowshoes, our favourite big buddies from Take a Hike and we’ve got lots of reasons to smile! Cypress Mountain felt like the top of the world!


It kind of went like this . . . 

Put on the snowshoes and head up and up and up. Big buddies and little buddies were supposed to be sticking together. And that happened (mostly). There was some coaxing and some chasing. But we kept smiling!


Get some rosy cheeks and keep smiling!


Stop to celebrate along the way! We walked a long ways up!


If you took a little longer getting to the top, celebrate a little bigger! 


Head back down – this time knowing where we are going!


Stop to smile! (and savour the view!)


Sometimes you need to go back up a few times so . . .


You can go down! Wheee! 


Let your smile show how you felt about the day!


And remember, you are never too old to smile big! Take a Hike seniors were troopers! Thanks for all the help guys!


Snow shoes, mountains, and wet feet!

Division 5 got to put on snow shoes and hike up the mountain at Cypress with staff and students from John Oliver’s Take a Hike Program.

Let's see how wet we can get before we even put on snowshoes!

Let’s see how wet we can get before we even put on snowshoes!

Snow shoes on and up we go!


A beautiful way to spend a Monday! We learned there really is snow on those mountains we often see from school and no, this is not the North Pole!

Lots of white! Gorgeous!

Lots of white! Gorgeous!

Some other important learning: Each tree is surrounded by a hole. If one of us gets stuck down that hole, someone else might too. Of course we all had to try that theory out!

Around those trees? Holes!

Around those trees? Holes!

On the climb, it got hot! Layering is key! And thank goodness for juice boxes and water bottles!

Steeper than it looks!

Steeper than it looks!

Best way down? On your bottom!



Eventually we had to walk. Some of us had more snow in our boots than around our boots. Many wet socks, cold toes and rosy cheeks. But big smiles persisted! No crying, lots of laughing and this question repeated: “Can we come here again?”

Down to the vans. What a day!

Down to the vans. What a day!

Best post field trip conversation:

Sergio: “It was so great. I saw heaven.”

Catriona: “Sergio, it actually wasn’t heaven.”

Sergio: “Well we were above the clouds.”

A big thank you to the staff and students from the Take a Hike program who took us on a winter wonderland adventure on a beautiful February day full of sunshine!