Changes Ahead: Slice of Life

Changes Ahead: Slice of Life There's a Book for That

I have called my little school on the downtown east side of Vancouver home for 21 years. A lifetime of sorts. Many little lives have been part of mine.

I am a bat with ancient wings folded close. Black and leathery. Full of secrets. Lined in wisdom. Shimmering with history. I can stretch these wings wide and story after story shines bright, each one a most important star. Stories of children. Of families. Of hope. Heartache. Trauma. Resilience. Inspiration.

My memories were gifted to me in hugs and giggles. Through whispers and shouts. Confided. Shared. Shouted. Hinted at. Memories visit me on a soft warm wind. They bring me smiles and worry. But mostly joy.

In this old brick building, I have learned thousands of lessons. I have had hundreds of teachers. I have been surrounded by wisdom and wonder. I have made many mistakes. All of it has landed me here, knowing that I have some of it figured out and much to still learn. I haven’t heard it all. I can still be surprised. I can still be stopped cold. I can still feel like I’m floating. It is harder and easier and easier and harder. I am safe in that. There is security in knowing that what I bring each day is enough in the land of never enough and so much need. Everyday, I give. Everyday, I get. It’s not about balance or equal shares. It’s about what it is.

In September, I will not walk through these halls I have long called home. I will be somewhere else. I will not be gone. It’s not moving on. It’s not leaving. It’s beginning somewhere new. The teacher I am was made here. All of it will follow me. All of it will guide me.

As I begin to say goodbye, I acknowledge this.

Bad Irony: Slice of Life

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46 thoughts on “Changes Ahead: Slice of Life

  1. This place of never enough that made you. Oh how beautiful your words are. You gobsmack me every time I read you. What wonders await. Looking forward to it.

  2. Oh my goodness, you are such a soulful writer! You create images that jump to life. I love reading your posts! I am sure that you have given way more than you could have received at your home school. Seems you are ready to spread your wings to new adventures.

  3. Oh my word, can’t wait to find out what you are doing! Your bat analogy reminds me of Silver Wing. xo

  4. LOVE your writing, thank you so much for sharing it with us. Best wishes in your newest adventures, I’m sure amazing things lay ahead.

  5. Such powerful writing Carrie! “Everyday, I give. Everyday, I get. It’s not about balance or equal shares. It’s about what it is.” I connected with so much of this. I’m leaving also, but it’s a different kind of leaving. There is much I won’t miss, but the kids, the wonder, the stories, the honesty will leave a hole I think.

  6. Love this slice of your life, filled with so many wonderful words and feelings that I can’t pick just one to love. What a lovely salute to your school and its experiences – “It’s not leaving. It’s beginning somewhere new. The teacher I am was made here. All of it will follow me. All of it will guide me.”
    Looking forward to learning where you’re headed. Lucky folks to have you coming their way.

    • You are too kind Ramona. I hope there is a lot of lucky in my future! I feel like I have had a bit too much of unlucky this year in certain aspects of school. Thank goodness for the children, who I adore and am inspired by each day.

  7. What enormous gifts you have given them in 21 years. Like ripples in the pond, they will spread out to do much more good in the world. Wherever you will land, they are blessed indeed!

  8. Your choice of language and imagery is exquisite. I know what it is like leaving a school after twenty years. I did that many years ago too. I look forward to following you on your journey. You are a gift for any school. Best wishes for this change.

  9. The way you’ve chosen to write about moving forward to the next chapter of your life as an educator was exquisite. I know wonderful things are in store for you, Carrie.

  10. Wow. Such thrilling news for you. Wherever you go, whatever you next do will be done with grace and love. Namaste.

  11. Your writing is a thing of beauty! Please look for my post in the Mentor Text series as I used several of your posts as digital mentor texts for my own writing! You truly have a gift. Can’t wait to hear about your new chapter!

  12. I wish you well on your journey. P,lease continue to write. You have always inspired me. I’m am finishing 37 years of teaching and rely on people like you to keep me creative and reflective. All the best. Rosemary

  13. Gorgeous writing Carrie. My thoughts are with you as you change paths. I love that line, “The teacher I am was made here.” We are shaped by our classes and colleagues. We grow into ourselves in each and every classroom where we work. I wish you the best as you go forward. 🙂

  14. This makes me sad. But I’m glad we connected before you left. Just today brought exciting opportunity that I need to talk to you about. I know we will continue to love kids together somehow.

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