Must Read in 2015: Year End Update

Last January, I had 24 titles on my #MustReadin2015 list and lots of reading ambition!

must read in 2015 Must Read in 2015: Year End Update

During 2015, I was able to complete 18 titles from the list. As the end of the month neared I had mixed feelings about this. First I felt reader guilt or book list pressure or some such anxiety. But then I relaxed. I read 75% of my list. 18 titles that had special place for in my reading life. I liked them all. Some, I loved. Some of these I might have forgotten about and the list guaranteed I didn’t.

The six titles I didn’t get to?  They aren’t going anywhere. And, I will get to them if the reading stars align. Some I had on my shelf from the library and then had to return because they were requested. Some I wasn’t in the mood for at the particular time I planned to read them. A few I am saving for a different time.

The thing about reading any book? The experience leads somewhere interesting. New thoughts, new books, new ideas. All worth it. The joy of reading is endless!

Some highlights from my list?

I am going to share reading experiences rather than book summaries. If I have read the book, there will be comments or reviews somewhere on this blog.

Reading Rooftoppers by Katherine Rundell introduced me to  a new to me writer and I went on to read Cartwheeling in Thunderstorms and The Wolf Wilder. All three – fantastic books! I now have a new can’t miss author.

Rooftoppers by Katherine Rundell Must Read in 2015: Year End Update

I was blessed to read Jack by Liesl Shurliff aloud to my class from last year – the year before we read Rump.  When the students found out that Liesl had 2 more books coming following Rump,their initial excitement turned to despair. “But we won’t get to read them together!” Reading Jack with the same group of students was such a pleasure. As links between the stories occurred, eyes lit up and smiles erupted.

Jack by Liesl Shurtliff Must Read in 2015: Year End Update

Some of these titles are attached to particular holiday memories. I read some during the early morning hours of vacations while the rest of the house slept. I look at some of these titles and I can recall being teary, fearful, relieved or just plain comforted about human kind.

I found some favourite characters that have stuck with me.

Albert from Fish in a Tree written by Lynda Mullaly Hunt He is the kind of understated hero everyone needs to know.

Fish In A Tree Must Read in 2015: Year End Update

The boys and the Dads from The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher by Dana Alison Levy. I loved the beautiful, messy, busy, loving family vibe.

The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher Must Read in 2015: Year End Update

Benjamin in Death by Toilet Paper by Donna Gephart I couldn’t sleep worrying about this guy. Such a book.

Death by Toilet Paper Must Read in 2015: Year End Update

I thought about making my list smaller for 2016. Wouldn’t that mean I would have a better chance of completing the list? Maybe. But then I decided that I needed wiggle room. Room for “in the mood” choices. Room to be led in other directions. My list for 2016 is likely going to be 30 titles long and I’m aiming to read most of them. And I can already guarantee that that is going to be absolutely okay. 🙂

Want to know more about #MustReadin2015? Read here This post also includes links to all of the bloggers who wrote Must Read in 2015 lists.

Thinking about joining us for 2016? Please do! Make a list and read some, none or all of the titles on it. Reading is amazing but reading plans are pretty wonderful too! Just reading all of the lists is a great reason to pour a big cup of coffee and do some book dreaming!

We will be sharing lists beginning January 5th 2016! Please join in using the hashtag #mustreadin2016 or by leaving me a comment on this blog.


36 thoughts on “Must Read in 2015: Year End Update

  1. (Your link on Twitter didb’t work. Fortunatelly the title of post was the first on your blog list) More interesting titles for me. I am always few steps behind others but it’s ok, because when others recommend I know I am getting the best choice. Thank you for sharing your book titles. Happy reading in 2016!

    • Thanks Terje! Hope you have a wonderful year of reading in 2016. I feel the same – isn’t it lovely to have the best of the best of recommendations? I almost never read a book I don’t like for this very reason.

  2. I didn’t get to all of mine either, and I’m ok with that. I read others and that’s what we must celebrate!
    I really need to read Katherine Rundell’s books. I had gotten Rooftoppers from the library based on your recommendation, but just didn’t have the time. I have Cartwheel and Wolf from the library right now. We’ll see if I get to them. I have a lot of January 2016 ARCs from NCTE to get to – I feel like since I was lucky enough to receive them, I need to read and share them!
    Happy 2016!

    • I share your philosophy – let’s celebrate the reading and the amazing books out there that we will and might get to! I am excited to hear more about the ARCs you will be reading! You have some fantastic 2016 lists.

  3. I’ve been really encouraged by reading all these posts and comments with great attitudes about not completely reading every last Must Read Book. I read almost half of my 56 books, but I try to focus on the fact that I read 26 books that I might not have read if I hadn’t participated in this idea, (which is really exciting, because I found some new favorites!) Can’t wait to start 2016’s list 🙂 Thanks SO much Carrie for organizing this each year.

    • I am so pleased that you join in! I too find the perspectives in the blog posts as interesting as the book lists themselves! So fortunate to be part of such a fantastic community of readers.

  4. Thank you Carrie for hosting this again this year. I actually did better than what I thought. I even finished one up today. How did you make your collage on your post? I wanted to have all of my titles on this final post, but did want to take up all the space by adding all individually. I like this. Now to work on my 2016 list and read everyone else’s updates!

    • Hi Tricia Join us January 5th I will include the icon in the post – it will be up the evening of January 4th and I will start sharing it on twitter sooner. Love to have you join in!

  5. I love this challenge! I especially like seeing that people are not stressing out when they don’t get to every book on their lists, which would take away the fun in it. I am adding Blackbird Fly and Death by Toilet Paper to this year’s list!

  6. Happy New Year! I really enjoyed all of your highlighted books and love your perspective on it being okay that you didn’t finish the list. Too many books, too little time, but lists like this guarantee a good book is always close at hand.

    E and I really enjoyed reading The Rooftoppers together. Glad to hear you enjoyed her other books, too!

    My wrap-up post:

  7. I only finished around 2/3’s of my list. I am now so sorry I didn’t get to Death by Toilet Paper. It will have to be added to next year’s list I think. I’ve already added Rooftoppers. I’ve managed to finish my final update and am working on this coming year’s list. Happy New Year!

  8. Sounds like I’m not the only one who didn’t finish her list. 😉 Sorry I was a little late on adding my link. Ready to make plans for 2016!! Thanks for motivating us to read, read, read!

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