Celebration: Simplicity

Always at the end of the winter holidays, I realize that I really like calm and quiet and simple. The school year begins again fast and furiously. With a full time job, a family (which includes 2 busy 13 year olds) and a house to manage, life can’t be talked about without mentioning busy. Too busy. Crazy busy. Tired busy.

So today I celebrate being able to experience simplicity and putting the busy on hold. The secret to guaranteed happiness I am sure is finding ways to sprinkle in enough of the simple into the complexities of the day to day.

I figure if we stop and honour the simplicity we love, then maybe we will find ways to keep it around more. Who knows?

Celebration: Simplicity

So in the spirit of simple, I will make a simple list. I celebrate these things that have been part of a slowed down existence this holiday.

  1. Early morning reading in a quiet house.
  2. Early evening reading in front of the fire. The quiet, not as essential.
  3. Walking in the cold and appreciating the beautiful.
  4. Coffee. Always, coffee.
  5. List making. Often in the form of book lists. My mind works this way. So all feels right.
  6. Time in a bookstore. Lots of time.
  7. Bird ornaments in greenery in various places around my house.
  8. Time with my family. Visits. Dinners. Chats. Walks. Pie eating.
  9. A clean house. Not the cleaning but when it is clean. The time to keep it mostly that way is what I appreciate.
  10. Stocking up. When my pantry has coffee, French jam, lemon soap and interesting crackers, all is good.
  11. Time. Time that doesn’t race. Being in it.
  12. Reading aloud to my family. Talking about plot elements. Predicting. Wondering.
  13. Coffee visits. Walk visits. Run into the neighbours visits.
  14. Turkey sandwiches with lots of pepper.

Thank you to Ruth Ayres and the #celebratelu community!

Being part of a community that regularly shares gratitude and celebrations truly transforms my weeks.


32 thoughts on “Celebration: Simplicity

  1. Thanks for the reminder of the peace we can find by thinking about simplicity. My challenge is always to stay focused on simplicity when the days get busy.

    You make me want to create a list….which would contain coffee – always coffee.


  2. I like your list! I made a list of what I loved about 2015 and realized just how awesome it was. This winter break has been great to me too…it was time to slow down, time with each other, time to refresh. I’m glad you had a good break!

  3. I love the simple days of break. The reality will today as I start thinking and preparing for our return to school. I hope 2016 brings you many more simplistic days. That would make a great one little word!

  4. Appreciation for the simple things makes me hope for more, to look for them in the everyday, Carrie. You’re written it right, they are the things to hold tight. Happy New Year with two more days of “simple”, including the coffee, the books and family.

  5. Ah, simple, quiet times. I’m missing that lately as you saw in my post. 😉 Maybe 2016 will be quieter for me. Love your list! Glad you had time to recharge. Happy New Year!

  6. Thank you for the reminder to celebrate the simplicity of the past few days. I will continue to celebrate on Monday as well, along with lots of coffee! Interestingly enough, I always feel like my pantry is complete when I have a box (or two) of interesting crackers, as well as a good block of cheese to share.

  7. Love your simple list! So glad you had time to slow down and savor the simple things. They are truly the best! I’m off to write my post and planning to include the running into students visits.

      • Carrie, you make me think of the phrase, “less is best”. And often times it is true. Less brings about simplicity, which slows us down and refreshes us! I feel refreshed and ready for a classroom of 4th graders tomorrow!
        Happy New Year!

      • It’s so good to feel that we have had a good rest and are ready for the new year. I often feel like that . . . until Monday morning hits!

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