Celebration: Starts with the letter R


Over on my class blog, Curiosity Racers, I shared what happened as a result of this tweet from author Aaron Becker.

It is worth checking out.


All of those delicious R words have inspired my celebration post today.

I celebrate:


My children had a Professional Day on Monday so they came to my classroom with me. This was a wonderful experience all around. They were great helpers and my students loved to interact with them. All my most precious children in one room! Watching the students share their love of books with my children who have been raised on books was a most rewarding experience.

Celebration: Starts with the letter R There's a Book for That


I love the restless energy of science experiments. Our favourite Let’s Talk Science volunteers came in on Thursday morning and led the students through some activities to learn about density. The excitement, the observing, the predicting, the confirming, the “Oh I get it now!” moments.

Celebration: Starts with the letter R There's a Book for That


In math, we are solving a variety of multi-step word problems involving multiplication and division. I have been modelling different choices around using manipulatives or 100 dot array charts to represent the thinking. Students have been working together to solve and write equations that represent their process. I love the confidence, the starting over, the talk, the thinking.

Celebration: Starts with the letter R There's a Book for That


Yes, the results of our #MockCaldecott are in! The winners are . . .

I hope to be posting more about this soon!

Celebration: Starts with the letter R There's a Book for That


We have some very passionate readers in our room. When this title by Mark Pett wasn’t one of the winners (it was so very close!), one super fan gave it its own medal!

Celebration: Starts with the letter R There's a Book for That

And author/illustrator Mark Pett approved 🙂


There was lots of gushing over favourite titles in this #MockCaldecott process. Everyone had a chance to write about the books they loved and why. Oh, the book love! Celebration: Starts with the letter R There's a Book for That Thank you to Ruth Ayres and the #celebratelu community! Being part of a community that regularly shares gratitude and celebrations truly transforms my weeks. Read all of the celebrations by following the links shared here.

18 thoughts on “Celebration: Starts with the letter R

  1. Such a wonderful mix of loves! I agree with Mark Pett. That sticker is priceless “the best book ever” award. That is what you inspire. Lots of best books ever attitude!

  2. What a great way to structure a blog post! My favorite was the medal a student gave The Girl and the Bicycle! 😉 I agree with her/him – it’s one of my picks this year! I always enjoy the RETURN to your blog to read about your celebrations. 😉

  3. Carrie, I always love your pictures, but this time especially that one with the science experiment going on-just wonderful. Fun to hear about the winners & the “real” winner, your student’s passion about The Girl & The Bicycle. So many great books were out last year-and thus so hard to choose.

    • Thanks Linda – I have been posting a lot of literacy heavy photos lately but we also have been doing some great science and math. I need to share more! Isn’t that award the best? She was so inspired by her love of her Mock Caldecott choices. Certainly one of the best activities we have done all year.

  4. I loved watching your Tweets with Aaron Becker this week! It shows me the power of Twitter – the students being able to interact with authors. It’s a beautiful thing! I love how you used the “R” words in your post!

  5. The Girl and The Bicycle! My students had an amazing discussion around this book! The first time I read it, I cried! I am pulling for this one all the way!

  6. I loved every minute of this post! I especially loved the extra award given! That made me smile!
    My class is waiting patiently for the Newbery to be announced soon. I think I am the one being impatient!
    So glad I found your blog!

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