Picture Book Wish List: August 2014

Well, it’s a new month. Teachers in B.C. still don’t have a contract. Not sure when a pay cheque with my name on it is ever coming my way again . . . Sigh.

So I am making another picture book wish list! (July’s version is here) It’s supposed to be helping me not want to buy books for my classroom. (It doesn’t!) It does help me stay convinced that picture books are one of the best things in life. They bring much joy. Joy that is multiplied with rereads.  🙂

So, this month’s picture book dreaming includes these ten titles (some not yet released)

Knock Knock My Dad’s Dream for Me written by Daniel Beaty with illustrations by Bryan Collier (December 2013)

Loss. Hope. Upset. Deep love. All in 32 beautiful pages. I can’t recover from this book. I think I need to own it. And read it to children and let their responses and observations work their magic.

Knock Knock My Dad's Dream for Me Picture Book Wish List: August 2014

Flight School by Lita Judge (April 2014)

Seriously, I can’t get over how adorable this little penguin is – the turned in toes, the aviator glasses, the multi-coloured feathers (would be wings). And that he claims he has the soul of an eagle? Melt.

Flight School Picture Book Wish List: August 2014

The Grudge Keeper written by Mara Rockliff with illustrations by Eliza Wheeler (April 2014)

Work with seven, eight and nine year olds and you experience drama – small things can become big things quickly. We work to keep perspective. A book that allows us to think about holding on when we should be letting go, about forgiveness and the power of blame. Yes, please. One for us.

 The Grudge Keeper Picture Book Wish List: August 2014

The Girl and the Bicycle by Mark Pett (April 2014)

I am still in awe of just how brilliant The Boy and the Airplane was. Some say that they like this title more. And “well done wordless”? It is a weakness of mine . . .

The Girl and the Bicycle Picture Book Wish List: August 2014

Julia, Child written by Kyo Maclear with illustrations by Julie Morstad  (July, 2014)

Read it. Loved it. Left it at the bookstore. Now I keep thinking about the potential as a read aloud. How it would inspire children to conjure up recipes and concoctions for helping adults stay true to what’s important. Can’t you just imagine? The writing. The list making. The art. Oh. Oh. I am so easily convinced.

Julia, Child Picture Book Wish List: August 2014

My Teacher is a Monster (No, I am Not) by Peter Brown (July 2014)

September is around the corner. We all need some laughs. And oh how I adore Peter Brown!

 My Teacher is a Monster Picture Book Wish List: August 2014

Nana in the City by Lauren Castillo (September 2014)

My Mom is one funky, energetic Nini (what my children started calling her and it stuck) who adores her grandchildren. I love stories with relationships that span the generations. I love the spunk of those a little wiser and more experienced and the adventures they can invite little ones to join. I also love every illustration by Lauren Castillo. Clearly, this book is meant for me.

Nana in the City Picture Book Wish List: August 2014

Flora and the Penguin by Molly Idle (September 2014)

Because really – graceful penguins and Flora? We loved pink and flamingoes. Can’t wait for blues and a little ice.

Flora and the Penguin Picture Book Wish List: August 2014

Julia’s House for Lost Creatures by Ben Hatke (September 2014)

I just love how this sounds. Don’t you want to own a house by the sea and fill it with creatures when you need to spice up your world. Noisy, odd creatures? All the better!

 Julia's House for Lost Creatures Picture Book Wish List: August 2014

A Perfectly Messed up Story by Patrick McDonnell (October 2014)

Well, first, Patrick McDonnell is brilliant. Second, we all need to embrace mess a little more. Stories – the writing, the reading and the telling don’t always go as planned. That’s the beauty of them, after all.

A Perfectly Messed up Story Picture Book Wish List: August 2014


As I have said before, wish lists are a safe bet. They only become dangerous when we put them in our pocket. Which I am not going to do . . . Really.

What picture books are you dreaming about?








16 thoughts on “Picture Book Wish List: August 2014

  1. I’m trying to be patient and wait for a copy of Hana Hashimoto, Sixth Violin by Chieri Uegaki and Baking Day at Grandma’s by Anika Denise.
    You’ve got some real beauties on your list!

  2. Very sorry about your plight; I hope you see a paycheck soon. In the mean time, please keep posting your great picture book lists. You’ve turned me onto some titles that I’ve not heard of before.

  3. I’m looking forward to many of these, too, Carrie! I’m so excited to see that Patrick McDonnell has a new book coming out. Thanks for sharing, and I hope you and your colleagues have a contract soon.

    • Thanks so much Catherine – I am crossing everything. It is going to be devastating if we can’t be back in the fall but I would be naive to assume that it is possible. This dispute is very ugly. But, picture books are precious! And sharing my love for them always makes me feel better!

  4. Oh Carrie, I am so saddened to hear about the trouble on the school front 😦 Luckily you have such a positive disposition…hang in there! I am beginning to pour through your nonfiction posts looking for new books to order! I also have been giving out your blog to other people doing the same thing. Your hard work and passion have a long reach!

    • Thanks so much Nicole – for many things – the compassionate sentiments and also spreading the nonfiction book love! I am so pleased that these posts are helpful. I do feel pretty passionate about this topic. (Well, okay, about books in general!)

  5. I HOPE things will be resolved very soon, Carrie! I know some of these on your beautiful list, & love others, but Nana In The City (of course) caught my eye. I hope our library has it, or will have it. What I’m waiting for is that Roget’s Thesaurus book, The Right Word, by Jen Bryant & Melissa Sweet. Soon! And thanks for sharing…

  6. Hi Carrie, saved many of your posts so I can get my books prioritized. Woodson’s Brown Girl Dreaming, Nana in the City (for the Bubbie in me), Hana Hashimoto’s Sixth Violin just tip of the iceberg. Hoping for that contract to be finalized for BC teachers!!!

    • Hana Hasimoto! Yes! Faige, thanks so much for your ongoing support. I really hope for a contract too. I can’t imaging having to be back on the picket line in the fall. Yuck.

  7. I’m dreaming about my Chapters Order that should be arriving any day now filled with all the books you have mentioned over the past school year!!!! Not good :$!! But I can’t wait. I can never have too many books!

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