Celebration: Little visits

Thank you to Ruth Ayres, for the inspiration and her Celebration Link up that she hosts each week. I treasure this #celebratelu community who always find moments of gratitude in our busy weeks.

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This week, I want to celebrate visits. Time with those we haven’t seen in a while is precious.

Our very good friends are here from Toronto. They have brought their charming dogs who we also love. Two friends and one dog we welcomed back and one little dog (new to them) we were thrilled to meet. Over the last week, we have had lots of time for walks and talks, dinners, parks and snuggles. As it should be 🙂 My children loved it all, especially the dog bonding!

 Celebration: Little Visits There's a Book for That  Celebration: Little Visits There's a Book for That

An early end to the school year (teacher strike) means I haven’t seen my students in three weeks. I arranged to go visit at a park near the community center where many of our students attend summer programming. My daughter was eager to come along. She played cards, skipped rope and built in the sand with some of the kids. I brought along some picture books and had a read aloud session in the shade. So wonderful to see all of the smiles, collect a few hugs and check in with everyone.

 Celebration: Little Visits There's a Book for That  Celebration: Little Visits There's a Book for That  Celebration: Little Visits There's a Book for That

Visits quell the missing. They remind us of what and who is important. They lighten our step. Hurrah for little visits! 

19 thoughts on “Celebration: Little visits

    • Hi there Alyson – no, no resolution. Heartbreaking! So the visit with the children yesterday was so needed. It almost felt normal – I could put aside the worry about when I actually might be in the classroom again.

  1. And my post too is about a visit, so important to stay connected. I’m glad you were able to see some of your students Carrie, & the pictures of the friends visiting are great. My grandchildren loved meeting the “new to them” dog & cats at my brother’s. Best of wishes for the strike resolution. I keep checking for news.

  2. So glad you were able to see some of your students. I am so sad for the children and worried about the teachers. Financially, this has got to be taking a devastating toll on teachers. I keep thinking I’m going to read news of a resolution. I will keep hoping. Love the dog photos! Does your family have pets?

    • It was so wonderful to have a visit with some of my students. I really have missed them. And you are right – this is so hard for so many. I worry about my students if we aren’t back in the fall. And because, we are a two teacher family, yes, I worry about us too. I don’t like to think about what a financial hit we are taking. Thank goodness my husband is so skilled – he is doing a variety of side jobs to try and make up some of the lost wages. We had a wonderful cat that passed away a few years ago. We now have two geckos and are working up the courage to have a cat again (the loss of Nico hit us all hard).

      • I can’t imagine that parents will continue standing for this without serious protest. Hopefully the issues are clearly explained in the press so that parents understand what is really going on.Yes, it’s lucky that your husband has many other skills. I am not sure what I would find to do if I weren’t teaching. I am glad that you are working up the courage to get another cat. It is so hard to lose a beloved pet. Three of our cats are really amazing with our kids.

  3. Good for you connecting with your students. Kids and dogs make all the difference sometimes! Having the strike hang over you like that is a huge burden. My heart goes out to you.

  4. I am so glad you got to see some of your kids! I am always amazed when people don’t seem to understand the importance of human connection. Even though a strike is important, people miss each other. I plan to do the same this summer. I like to stay connected.

  5. “I brought along some picture books and had a read aloud session in the shade.” – I think this sentence magnifies how much you love your students and reading. Sweet.

    • Thanks Terje. It is true. I have really missed reading with these kids and it was so much fun to share some amusing stories and have them predict and natter and smile as we read.

  6. It is so nice that you were able to visit some of your students. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to end the school year early without all the reflections and chances to send them forward with our last messages. It also sounds like you had a nice visit with your friends and their dogs. Have a great week!

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