Celebration: Standing on the Sidewalk

So . . . B.C. teachers are still on strike. I shared details here last week. The Tyee (local online paper) has an updated comprehensive time line of what has been happening in teacher bargaining written by Katie Hyslop for anyone wondering how we are possibly still without a contract: Everything You Need to Know about BC Teacher Bargaining

What is possible to celebrate you might wonder? There has been a lot of time standing on the sidewalk outside of our school to ponder just that.

As I was thinking about what to write for this post, I started looking through photographs I had taken over the week. This photograph of a colleague’s daughter crouched next to a chalk image my daughter had written (kid and teacher connected in hearts) stood out to me. This. This is what speaks to me.

I celebrate that I am a teacher. Somehow, someway we have got to get back into our building in the fall and again connect our days to working with our students.

Standing on the sidewalk. Standing up for well funded, well respected public education. This time has just made the resolve stronger. We need to be working with kids.

 Celebration: Standing on the Sidewalk There's a Book for That

I am celebrating that I love my job. Passionately. Not being able to do it has been so difficult. I celebrate that I look forward to so many things that represent the magic of the classroom.

The buzz of a room full of children completely engrossed in books.

Community walks and little voices that wonder and observe and notice everything.

The beaming smile of pride that happens when a child grasps “the how” of something new.

Gratitude circles where the room becomes lighter with each gratitude statement shared.

Finding one student supporting another with a task. Because that’s what we do in our classroom community.

Students standing in front of an art display we have created giving each other compliments. 

Exhaustion and quiet smiles on the bus ride home from an inspirational field trip. 

The noises of a read aloud. Quiet. Hush. Outrage. Upset. Celebration. Wonder. Joy. 

Questions. Questions. And more questions. Discovering all of the answers together.

I celebrate that somehow there will be a resolution and these things will happen again in my classroom with the students I should be teaching.

When you stand on the sidewalk outside of where you really want to be, much becomes clear.

Thank you to Ruth Ayres, for the inspiration and her Celebration Link up that she hosts each week. I treasure this #celebratelu community.

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18 thoughts on “Celebration: Standing on the Sidewalk

  1. I like that last comment – standing on the sidewalk does make you know where you really want to be! You have to stand up for what you believe in but it seems so ridiculous to have to fight for something that people should want us to do – build our future. Teach the kids. Stay strong and united!

  2. I can’t believe your district is still on strike.Sometimes we just have to stand up for ourselves in order for things to improve. You deserve a fair contract. I truly hope it is resolved favorably very soon. Thinking of you.

  3. This is such a beautifully written post, Carrie. I can only hope that things will be resolved soon. Just this morning I was writing in my notebook about how blessed I am to be a teacher, how much I love my work, how infinitely interesting and engaging it is for me. I loved that when I visited your post today, I found you celebrating your work. We are truly lucky to be so passionate about our work.

  4. I hope that things get resolved soon for you. I would also have a hard time with that because I would want to be in the classroom connecting with kids. I think you really captured your feelings so well here. Stay strong and have a good week.

  5. You are in a situation where it would be so easy to find reasons to complain, moan and quit. You choose to celebrate. It shows your strength. It shows your love. I hope the solution will come soon.

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