It’s calling . . . #nerdlution

Okay, I have also succumbed to the call of #nerdlution



I wasn’t going to because . . . life is just too busy. But then, of course, it hit me. That’s exactly why I need to do this. Claim time, joy and energy that is for me not about “to do” lists.

My #nerdlution is very simple. It is about slowing down and connecting with my two beautiful children. Starting today and for fifty days without fail (big promises, this is serious stuff :-)) I will read aloud to my children from a novel we are sharing together. Thankfully, I still do manage to read aloud to my children often. They are in Grade 6 and both avid, capable readers so I consider the fact that they still love the read aloud a pretty wonderful thing. We read nonfiction, picture books and novels. But when things are busy, I often just squeeze in a quick picture book and don’t take the time to dive back into our novel “on the go”.

When we read a longer story together, we talk. We snuggle. We predict and wonder and share. We wrap ourselves up in a story that becomes ours. And as childhood races by and busy times try to overtake us, I am claiming more of the read aloud magic back. Not just over the holidays. Not just a few times a week when busy schedules don’t win. But back to the everyday. Because, really, it is my children who made me the reader I am. They showed me that books connect to life and memories in a way I never fully understood until I had so many special reading experiences with them.

On day one of this #nerdlution challenge, we finish up Chapter 14 of The Fire Chronicle by John Stephens.

Completely confused about the #nerdlution revolution? Read Colby Sharp’s blog. 

Let the reading begin!


10 thoughts on “It’s calling . . . #nerdlution

    • So happy to hear this. We do love reading time together. I certainly want to hang on to it as long as possible so need to recommit a little bit 🙂 Now we are reading a holiday picture book every night as well as a chapter of our novel! I love it!

  1. I love this idea! I have decided to sew for a bit everyday. I have many many unfinished projects that need to be completed and I can’t seem to motivate myself. I’m going to plan to sew for at least 30 minutes everyday (and listen to audio books at the same time) This means I will be hitting 2 targets with one stone!

    • Perfect! What fun! F & B and I are fully into our novel and haven’t missed a night! We are also reading a different holiday picture book every day as part of a book advent! Happy listening!

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