Monday April 8th, 2013

It’s Monday! What are you reading? 

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Join Jen and Kellee’s meme and share what you have been reading from picture books to young adult titles!

It’s been about three weeks where I have just not been to the bookstore or the library and sourced out picture books I loved. Well, back to school hit along with a very productive trip to the bookstore and I have some new to me titles to highlight this week! 

In the Tree House written by Andrew Larsen and illustrated by Dusan Petricic I think Larsen is able to share some quite lovely moments between family members in his picture books (like the girl and her Poppa in The Imaginary Garden). This book has beautiful moments between brothers – those endless play days and nights that seem to not have an end during our childhood. But there is also the loneliness when one sibling enters a new stage and doesn’t have as much time for family. Yet certain things happen to bring everything back to what it should be and we realize the strength of family connection. This story, like John Rocco‘s Blackout, delivers the magic of what happens in a neighbourhood and in a family when all of the lights go out. And . . .  Dusan Petricic . . . so you know, it’s going to be wonderful!

in the tree house

Friends by Mies van Hout I literally leaped when I saw this title in the bookstore – as I adore Happy done in a similar style. I used that title to inspire some wonderful fish art of our own earlier in the year:


Can’t wait to see what this book might inspire! What adorable little monsters.

Friends_Opmaak 1

The Dark written by Lemony Snicket and illustrated by Jon Klassen I made a trip to the bookstore this weekend precisely to purchase this title. Klassen is the perfect illustrator for this book – he brings so much depth and emotion – fear, wonder, mystery – to black sections of a page. The concept is very clever – the dark is given full presence as more than an entity but an actual character. And if you have been reading reviews and wonder about that page of many words, I found this interview with the book’s editor very interesting.


Unspoken A Story from the Underground Railroad by Henry Cole I finally experienced this amazing title. What a story is told through these striking images. Much to discuss. Much to think about quietly. Loved this book.


Tree Ring Circus by Adam Rex Many things end up in a very curious tree. Fun illustrations but it is the rhythmic and whimsical language that make this book a hit. I read a portion out loud and this book travelled through my class like wildfire. It begs to be read aloud.


And one sweet little board book: Big and Small by Guido Van Genechten A lovely search and find – perfect to share with our K buddies when they come for buddy reading.

big and small

I have so many books on the go, that I didn’t end up finishing any novels but am sure enjoying the three books I am reading! My children and I are fully into The Runaway King and loving it! I just started Listening for Lions by Gloria Whelan with my student book club. This is a reread for me and can’t wait to discuss it with the group. I am almost done One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia. Oh these little girls, what characters. How did I not read this book sooner?

Hope to have more novels on next Monday’s What are you reading post!

19 thoughts on “Monday April 8th, 2013

  1. I loved hearing about the Larsen books, garden & treehouse. My son-in-law likes to be called “Poppa” so I’m always looking for books with that word instead of Daddy. The Dark looks wonderful, guess that’s going to be another purchase. I’m glad you’re enjoying One Crazy Summer. I liked it very much. Thanks, Carrie!

    • Poppa in Imaginary Garden is actually for the grandfather! But a lovely title to check out. I loved sharing it with a group of children. I am loving One Crazy Summer – should finish it tonight!

  2. Hi there Carrie, I am pinning most of the titles you have here. I have to clutch my heart in my hands when I saw Klassen/Snicket’s The Dark – this is something I have to get for myself. It looks absolutely beautiful. Seems like my kind of book. I am also intrigued by Friends! From what I can see in the book cover, I have a feeling I’d enjoy it.

    • Yes – heart in hands is how I felt too when I found out that this book was to be released this spring. So amazing! Both Friends and Happy are incredible. Just beautiful, beautiful books to treasure and share.

  3. I just discovered Mies van Hout’s work about a month ago and I’m in love! I’ve had Friends on my TBR list since I read Happy. Haven’t heard of In the Tree House before reading your post! Thanks for the heads up! To say I adore Unspoken and Henry Cole would be an understatement. If you haven’t read A Nest for Celeste by him you simply must add it to your TBR list.

    Happy Reading!

  4. Ok so The Dark must have just come out because you are the 5th post I have seen with it. What an amazing author/illustrator combo. Great books this week!

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