Monday March 4th, 2013

It’s Monday! What are you reading? 

Mon Reading Button PB to YA

Join Kellee and Jen’s meme to share what you are reading from picture books to young adult reads. Their blog is the perfect one stop shop to follow all of the links to book lovers’ and blogger’s weekly reads!

My favourite picture books of the week:

 Odd Velvet It's Monday!

Odd Velvet written by Mary Burg Whitcomb and illustrated by Tara Calahan King I shared this book with my reading group for Pink Day (Anti Bullying day).

We had some great conversations about diversity and celebrating what is unique about all of us. 

Student writing shows how powerful this little book can be when shared with a group of children.

 Odd Velvet It's Monday! What are you Reading?

Donovan’s Big Day written by Leslea Newman and illustrated by Mike Dutton This book was shared with me by the librarian at my children’s school. Her blog is a fantastic place for book lovers. Donovan is getting all ready for his very big day. He will be the ring bearer at a very important wedding. This book celebrates love, family and marriage and the right we all have to have all of those things.


Willow Finds a Way written by Lana Button illustrated by Tania Howells A really important read for primary students – one that explores how we treat each other, standing up for what we know is right, honouring our feelings . . . Children can so often be bossy and controlling and it is often difficult for other children to stand up and be assertive. This book explores how this might look beautifully.


Instructions written by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by Charles Vess Oh how I adore this poem by Gaiman. Steeped in metaphors, wise words and subtle lessons and woven through a fairytale setting . . . Wonderful. A very adult children’s book.


Flora and the Flamingo by Molly Idle My, my, my, my . . . do I need to own this book. All about making a friend. Being graceful and wonderfully clumsy. Being perfectly not perfect. And . . . if I can say it . . . finally a pink book that is perfectly pink and not really about pink at all – there just happens to be a pink flamingo 🙂


Some Dog written by Mary Casanova and illustrated by Ard Hoyt My class recently shared Some Cat by the same author/illustrator team. We adored the big personalities in the animals and this book (that was actually published first) delivers the same wonderful pets that manage to charm you through the pages. Fantastic book to talk about welcoming a new animal into the home.

some dog

Little Dog Lost: The True Story of a Brave Dog Named Baltic by Monica Carnesi Love the illustrations and simple text that tell this story making it accessible even for independent reading for young readers. What a story!


Rabbit’s Snow Dance written by James and Joseph Bruchac and illustrated by Jeff Newman I first heard about this book from Linda at Teacher Dance. It is a wonderful pourquoi tale that reveals why rabbits have their little cotton ball tails.  Delightful.

rabbit's snow dance

In novels . . . finishing reports and preparing for a big presentation on Wednesday has definitely cut into my reading this week. Hoping to have more time over this next week (as in any minute please – my bookstacks are calling . . . ) to read.

Finished Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver I enjoyed this just as much as Delerium even though I was initially devastated that Alex would not escape with Lena into the Wilds. I enjoyed the “Now” and “Then” format of the novel and found I couldn’t put this book down. And wow, does Oliver set us all up to be eagerly anticipating the final book in the triology. Even though I knew what was coming with the ending  . . . I’m hooked.


I am happily devouring Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys. Loving this novel so far. Next up is Navigating Early by Clare Vanderpool and Please Ignore Vera Dietz by A.S. King. 

What are you reading this week?

22 thoughts on “Monday March 4th, 2013

  1. A great bunch of books. The Lauren Oliver books I have on my to read list, must read them this year, and I will be ready for the third when it comes.

    • Great plan. It would be wonderful to be able to read them back to back. I did that with The Hunger Games trilogy and there is something very satisfying about having every plot element be very fresh!

  2. I liked Delirium, but I LOVED Pandemonium. I am so excited to read Requiem when it comes in at my library! Can’t wait to hear what you think about Out of the Easy. That’s coming up on my TBR stack.

    • In some ways I think I also loved Pandemonium more. I was up in the middle of the night not being able to sleep and reading Out of the Easy. Just fantastic. I am so tied in with these characters!

  3. The danger of reading your posts is that I get so many new titles to put on my TBR lists! I loved Both Pandemonium and Delirium. I put on order Willow finds a way, thank you!! I just adore Odd Velvet. A treasure of a book. Happy reading week to you!! 🙂

  4. The first picture book caught my eye, Carrie, as we have just recently launched our new bimonthly theme on Oddballs and Misfits, the Surreal and the Peculiar – Odd Velvet sounds like a perfect book to feature! Will definitely hunt for this one down. I also enjoyed Instructions by Neil Gaiman – I featured it during our ‘all things magical’ theme sometime in 2011. Donovan’s Big day also has a wonderful cover. Will pin these titles so I can borrow it from our libraries.

    • Odd Velvet is a nice one for that theme. I do really love it. My kids thought Velvet was more cool than everyone else. We also like Marshall Armstrong is New to Our School – same kind of delightful celebration of individuality. I think you will find Donovan’s Big Day quite wonderful.

  5. Oh Carrie, you keep my list ever growing! Willow Finds A Way sounds just great for all the reasons you said. And I also wrote down the Neil Gaiman book-am sure it’s terrific. Perhaps someday I’ll find time for Lauren Oliver. I know I would like them! Thanks for all your ‘good reads!”

    • Willow Finds a Way was in the Scholastic order for February. A very pleasant surprise. I also have Willow’s Whispers but think I prefer this one. Glad you found some ideas!

    • Flora is so wonderful. And yes, Instructions is worth checking out. I love it. Some said that they didn’t like illustrations with the text – I just found the reading of the poem so strong.

  6. I loved Little Dog Lost. Such a powerful story.

    I must get a hold of a copy of Odd Velvet. That story looks like a perfect one to share with students. I love your student’s response.

    • For a little seven year old, pretty darn powerful! Love the confidence in that little girl! Odd Velvet is a favourite of mine.

      I shared Little Dog Lost with my students today. They were just fascinated.

  7. Oh, some great looking books, Carrie! Odd Velvet sounds great, and I really need to find a copy of Flora. And those dog PB…too cute! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Navigating Early! Enjoy that adventure.

    • Thanks Lorna. I am addicted to Out of the Easy right now – don’t want it to end. But then Navigating Early is up next. Have wanted to read it for months! Odd Velvet is a very special title.

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