Some Cat!

This week our BLG book was Some Cat! by Mary Casonova and illustrated by Ard Hoyt. Read (with some great cat sounds!) by Bill 🙂

some cat

We first encounter Violet at the shelter. She is sad and alone but still full of spunk and she lets anyone who comes too close know who is boss with a “Meowwww! Hissss! Spat!” Despite her growling and yowling, a couple decide to give her a home and bring her home to the house they share with . . . dogs! Again, Violet returns to her “cat against the world,” style to stay safe and in charge. The dogs in the house remain clear until they need to come to her rescue. In the end, Violet tucks in her claws and snuggles into her new home. Fantastically expressive language and illustrations made this a big hit!

Student reviewers respond:

Ava: My favourite part was that it reminded me of my cat at home.

Kassidy: My favourite part was when the cat sleep for a long time. I was listening and I thought she was running away from the dog. They adopted the kitten because they like the cat.

Kala: I liked the sound effects. I liked when Violet howled. I wish I was a cat!

Heman: It was funny when Violet jumped through the bird house. Violet was happy at the end. Violet reminds me of my friend’s dog. Violet used to be a stray cat then she was adopted by a family.

Kevin: My favourite part was when Violet was happy and she reminds me of my cat. The cat was in the cage and the boy got a dog. The cat said hiss scratch and spat. The boy said to stay away from that cat!

Vicky: My favourite part was when Violet hiss spat scratch. I noticed Violet was nice again. Why did Violet hiss at the dog?

Andrew: My favourite part was when all of them went fishing. I think Violet was a stray cat.

Arianne: My favourite part was when Violet was happy at the end of the story. I also liked when Violet was scared of the dogs.

Gracie: I liked at the end when the dogs and Violet sleeped all together. It was cute. And I liked when three other mean dogs came but the good dogs stood up for Violet. Violet is really cute. But why did the woman and man adopt her if no one liked her?

Ashely: It was funny. I liked the end. I like the cat Violet. The cat is nice to the mouse. Those dogs are BIG!

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