Self Portraits courtesy of Arts Umbrella

What I love about Arts Umbrella Workshops:

1. Engaging, skilled teachers who can instruct and inspire in less than 20 minutes!


2. Students get to work big! Nothing like having one class and the whole gym floor to spread out on for art!


3. With instruction that inspires confidence, students are able to apply new learning instantly. Instructors walk around and give lots of great feedback!


Look how well the proper position of the facial features has been learned!


4. Students take risks. They aren’t afraid to experiment and try new things because it has been modeled and encouraged! Look at the fantastic colours!


 5. Students get to create pieces where they get feedback that sounds like this: “Wow!” “Did you do that?” “That really looks like you!”


 6. The instructors leave us with hints for finishing off pieces (like going back to add details with pastels) so that completed pieces really stand out!


7. Our hallway and classroom bulletin boards look like this a few days later!


Thanks again Arts Umbrella for a fantastic learning experience!

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