Tickle Trunk Players – Mask Making Workshop

On Tuesday, December 13th, the Tickle Trunk Players came to Seymour school and put on an afternoon performance. Wonderful!

Students in Division 5 were very fortunate to participate in a mask making workshop in the morning. Such success!

First, students learned about shapes that are frequently used in First Nations masks. Khai actually made a picture out of all of his shapes.


Then students chose either a bear, a wolf or a raven shape to make a mask.


Masks were striking keeping to just the colours of white, red and black.


This wolf mask was very detailed.


In animal groups, students were able to move to the beat of the drum around the room. But we did come together for a group photo!


Thanks to Christine, our workshop leader! Such a positive experience for the children!

1 thought on “Tickle Trunk Players – Mask Making Workshop

  1. I was one of the presenters and workshop leaders at Admiral Seymour that day! I worked with the grade 1/2’s. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderfully creative students! We really enjoyed being at Seymour, thank you for posting the art that the students created. It was great to see them use their masks in an impromptu mask parade at the end of our afternoon show (we had never done this before and I think you have started a trend). Thanks to ING Direct for sponsoring the workshops and the performance! Hope to see you all again soon! You have an amazing teaching staff! Lori

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