Merry Christmas, Splat

At this time of year, I love to have quick reads on hand to fill those few minutes before a special event or the time between morning carolling and reading groups. Merry Christmas Splat written by Rob Scotton was the perfect book for today. Short, sweet and engaging.

When Splat is warned by his little sister that only good cats get big presents, he has no worries until a little nagging feeling gets quite a bit bigger. Splat sets out to make sure he has been good enough. He washes the dishes and adds the finishing touches to the tree . . .

When splat decides to wait up for Santa to tell him how good he has been, we got a little worried. “That’s a bad idea,” commented Sergio. “You know that song . . . He knows when you are sleeping . . . ? Well you really only get the good presents when you are sleeping.”

Catriona didn’t totally agree. “Not necessarily good presents – just presents.”

As Splat became more tired, his senses began to fail him. Was that reindeer on the roof? Nope, just his ticking clock. Students pointed out that he was having the same problems that our friend Scaredy Squirrel had with his sleep deprivation: moodiness, confusion, poor reflexes, hallucinations . . . (We’ve talked a lot at Seymour school about what lack of sleep does to our brains. Can you tell?)

Splat eventually falls asleep and wakes up convinced that Santa hasn’t come. In the end all is well and he is surprised by a large gift that is the best present ever! So what is it? Turn the page. Nope. We don’t find out. Why did the author do this I asked? Great ideas from the class:

  • The author wants us to think what’s inside
  • He wants us to visualize the best present that you can get
  • The author wants to leave the readers thinking

What would be in the box for us? Big list items: a Christmas tree, a puppy, a baby kitty, a real car! Are you listening Santa?

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