Tyrannosaurus Drip

Sam, our BLG reader this week, brought in the very fun book Tyrannosaurus Drip by Julia Donaldson (of Gruffalo fame) and illustrated by David Roberts. Rhyming text, dinosaurs, lots of humour. What is not to like?

The story? A duck billed dinosaur egg ends up in a T-rex nest. Mommy and Daddy Tyrannosaurus are not too impressed with this little vegetarian offspring that hatches. The feeling is mutual and little Drip (cruelly named) decides to run away. He discovers some amazing things. One, he can swim! Two, he seems to look a lot like these lovely creatures who celebrate weed eating over meat eating. Clever little Drip outwits the tyrannosaurus family and is celebrated as a hero!

Watching everyone join in with Sam on the repeating parts was pretty cute! Some students definitely got the rhyming – some not so much.

And spluttering, and clinging to the branches of the tree,

They went whooshing down a waterfall and all the way to sea

Student ” You mean the ocean?”

Sam (gently) “Yes, but ocean doesn’t rhyme.”

Our student reviewers report:

Gary: “I liked the story because it rhymes. The story was funny when the mother jumped and broke the tree!”

Jeremiah: “I liked the book. It was cool. I like dinosaurs a lot.”

Jena: “I thought the part was funny when the tyrannosaurus sisters saw their reflection and got scared.”

Lisa: “I like this book because it rhymes like a poem. It was funny when Drip refused to eat meat.”

Josiah: “I like the book when the small dinosaur stole the egg and brang it to the Tyrannosaurus and then it hatched. When they gave him chicken, he said,”No I am a plant eater!”

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