Let’s Read and Find out Science Books

Our reading group has been exploring many books in the classroom.  This past week, they really enjoyed reading some of the books in the Let’s Read and Find out Science bin.  In pairs or on their own they selected a book, wrote down some questions before reading, took turns reading out loud to their partner and wrote down some of the most interesting facts in a web.  We all learned so much about a wide variety of topics.  Living things were a popular thing to study:  frogs and tadpoles, fireflies, night animals, and dolphins.  Others explored different science topics such as what makes a magnet, thunder and lightning and the sun. Check out some of our work!

Josiah’s choice was The Sun, Our Nearest Star


His questions before he read:

  • If you walk on the sun, will you crumble?
  • How far is the sun?
  • What is the sun made of?

Some of the interesting facts he included in his web:

  • Other stars are farther than the sun
  • A spaceship will turn into gasses if it gets too near the sun
  • It will take more than 3 years to reach the sun

Jenny and Scott chose to read this book:

Jenny and Scott’s questions when they looked at the cover:

  • What is lightning made of?
  • When does lightning come?
  • What happens when lightning zaps you?

Some facts from their web:

  • People used to think lightning was the fiery finger of an angry God
  • Watch storms from a safe place
  • A car is safe because when lightning hits it, the electricity goes through the car and not through you

We have many more of the Let’s Read and Find out Science titles in our class and predict that they will be popular books to choose during independent reading time!