60% chance of rain: Slice of Life #27

Tomorrow we return to work after two weeks away. I have a rough plan for the day. I went in twice over the break to clean and organize so an extra strong coffee and an early arrival should ensure that the day will flow.

Mostly, I have been checking the weather. What is going to be going on mid afternoon? Because by mid afternoon, we will all need a break. Despite my plans to ease back and take it slow, by 2 p.m., we will need to move. The kind of moving that involves fresh air, the chance to yell and the chance to run.

This is the most important thing on my day plan tomorrow.

Math is on there. We will do some number puzzles. Some partner games. Remind ourselves that we can do some tricky equations and problem solve without picking up a pencil. Pages of unanswered questions are not going to stare us down.

There will be time to write. About a picture book we need to finish. About our break if we so choose. Or to the author of the novel we finished for book club. The beginning of a story? There will be some options. But here, we will put pencil to paper.

Of course, we will read. And of course, I will book talk. We need to rev up the book excitement once more. So Reading Workshop will be extra long. Time to record our spring break reading. Time to reacquaint ourselves with the contents of our book boxes. Time to shop the shelves. Lots of time to read!

I will read aloud. Little bits all throughout the day. Our novel of course because it’s been two weeks and I was begged not to stop the last time I read it. Two weeks! A picture book for #classroombookaday because it’s not a regular day without a picture book. The title we were reading about residential schools and didn’t quite finish. There is time for this.

We need time to visit. Time to smile at each other. Time to walk in circles. Time to notice. Just time.

This is not a day for starting new. Not a day to be overwhelmed. It’s a day to do some work and get outside and run off the back to routine energy that won’t quite feel right. The most important part of our day will be to get out of the building. As a group. To race about and laugh and whoop.

And there’s a 60% chance of rain.

Hoping everyone brings a rain jacket.

Bad Irony: Slice of Life

I am participating in the Slice of Life challenge to write and publish a post every day in March.

Slice of Life is hosted by Two Writing Teachers. I thank them for the community they provide. Read more slices here.

13 thoughts on “60% chance of rain: Slice of Life #27

  1. This sounds like a classroom I would love to return to after two weeks off! Your love for your students and desire to put their needs above all else is evident throughout this piece. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your rain holds off, too (not very optimistic here–our prediction is at 90% right now!). Enjoy your first day back!

  2. Your post is one I needed today. We are back tomorrow after just a week off, but your reminder to keep it a bit slower tomorrow is good for me (and makes me doubly glad that I squoze in a math assessment before the break so that we do not have to come back to it). I hope the rain held off.

  3. It’s all about muscle memory of how a day goes and what we do within the hours of that day. Sounds like a great way to ease back into your classroom world, even if it does rain. 🙂

  4. Good luck. I hope there isn’t so much rain that you can’t get outside. Your students are lucky that you understand what you need to make time for. I love how that word is repeated through this slice.

  5. So true — so often in schools I hear – indoor recess today. It is barely rainy or just a tad cold. When I taught we got outside for a short break every day –no matter what. Getting outside – feeling the air, moving your body and giving your mind a break is critical to productivity. Tammy and I are writing this and we took a long walk on the beach in the pouring rain –it was perfect! Hope you got outside today and had a great day back.

  6. I love how your perspective of what is most important in your plans bookends your piece. Like what happens when you give a mouse a cookie, your class will need a break after all that you have planned. Thanks for sharing.

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