Kid collecting: Slice of Life #7

Kid collecting: Slice of Life #7

Five minutes out my door and I run into one mom and two boys.

The older one is in my class. The younger one is a regular visitor.

Mom can catch a closer bus and two boys can carry on with me.

“We are eating waffles on the go.”

“She can see that.”

“Look! We have special boots because it snowed.”

“We walk this way even when we aren’t with you.”

Natter. Natter. Natter.

The park is splotchy..

White snow stacks. Green grass. Mud piles. Slippy concrete and half frozen puddles.

The same number of dogs as usual race in circles.

“Did you already eat breakfast?”

“I know! You had coffee.” A nod to the little brother, “She drinks a lot of coffee.”

“Hey Ms. Gelson! I thought it was you. But I didn’t want to yell because what if it wasn’t? Then I’d be yelling at a stranger.”

“It sure is sunny today. It’s a good day. For a Monday.”

Now I have 3 boys walking with me to school.

A woman with a sidewalk dog gives us the once over. These boys are obviously not my children. Clearly not all related. We all march along. A procession. In boots. With backpacks. Talking loudly. Clearly connected. But how?

We share the brief news of our mornings. My attempts to wake up my children. The brothers’ morning routine with their mom. The specific houses the newest member of our group passed where he knows the occupants.

“I didn’t knock on his door because I think he’s still sleeping.”

“I think this is her Mom weekend not Dad time so she’s not there.”

At the school doors we separate.

The kids I collected along the way head in different directions.

I head upstairs to my classroom door.

My morning walk is fifteen minutes.

This was a good one.

For a Monday.

Bad Irony: Slice of Life

I am participating in the Slice of Life challenge to write and publish a post every day in March.

Slice of Life is hosted by Two Writing Teachers. I thank them for the community they provide. Read more slices here.

17 thoughts on “Kid collecting: Slice of Life #7

  1. And so goes your morning with peace and quiet, Carrie. I am sure the boys chatter was amusing and Julieanne’s comment is funny but true. A good morning indeed…

  2. I love the title and the image of you collecting kids – or I wonder them collecting you – along the way. A tribute to the community you create in your classroom. In our town we have a “walking schoolbus” We are walkers and we literally have stops where we pick kids up along the way to join our procession. I miss that routine each morning.

  3. You captured the joy so perfectly of the little ones walking with you to school! How funny they know you drink a lot of coffee!

  4. There’s a part of me that LOVES this outside of school interaction. What a joy for both you and the students to share a 15 minute walk to school. But the morning person in me is screaming “Everyone just STOP TALKING!” Ha!

  5. This made me smile. What a wonderful start to your day! I could imagine it all, and it made me long for those special moments I had with my kids, although we were usually packed in a car.

  6. Your post reads like a Maurice Sendak story. I love: “Natter. Natter. Natter.” I could so easily see you acquiring children as you walked towards school. How they must all love you.

  7. Students seeing teachers beyond the school building makes them more human to the kids. I love the way you collect children, observations, conversation along the way to school.

  8. Walking to school is such a civilized way to start your day. And the kids you collect along the way. I can imagine this as a delightful picture book. Watercolor. Snowy splotches. Little marching feet. Dogs on leashes. Wonderful illustrations in my mind.

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