Celebration: Going with it

I don’t know how many years ago (at least ten I think) I realized that part of my “survival” strategy for getting through a teaching day beyond a good sleep and a strong second (sometimes third) cup of coffee was one simple way of thinking about the day. I never worried much beyond an hour ahead of where we were “in the now”. It let me be in the moment with the children but it also let me relax and trust that it was all going to work out.

In a high needs school, with primary aged children and sometimes more chaos, trauma and drama than you could think possible, this perspective served me well. Very well. I made it moment to moment and always showed up the next day ready to do it all again.

In these last few weeks of the last weeks ever at my school, I am still drinking that strong morning coffee and still thinking just a little ahead. This lets me teach with piles of boxes everywhere. This lets me pack for hours after school every day and then clean it all up so it is “children ready” for the next school day. This lets me look around and see the box towers multiplying and growing but still things everywhere and still breathe. Deeply.

I celebrate this week that while I should be worried, anxious and absolutely panicked, I’m not. I’m going with it. I’m trusting it will all get done. I have faith in the end point and I am enjoying the small moments in between.

Like this little boy in a box during buddy reading.

Celebration: Going with it

I celebrate this. Each part of it. The fact that he dragged the box in from outside my room and smiled so beautifully when we told him yes, he could climb in. I celebrate the calm of his reading buddy who didn’t bat an eye when we asked her to just sit beside him and read. I honour that I sat on the floor just a few feet away with a few colleagues and had a great conversation about how boxes really are magic for kids – something to inspire imagination and something to address sensory needs. A conversation about the ways children teach us when we let them. A meaningful thinking forward conversation in the middle of the noise and the busy and the buzz of buddy reading in my room of many books and towering boxes.

There is probably not enough time. I have so much to do. I am not entirely sure how I am going to get it all done. But, I am going with it. One box, one breath, one moment at a time. And this is worth celebrating.

Thank you to Ruth Ayres and the #celebratelu community!

Being part of a community that regularly shares gratitude and celebrations truly transforms my weeks.


23 thoughts on “Celebration: Going with it

  1. Step by step, that’s all it takes, & yes, you will get it done. Hugs and hugs to you, Carrie. Wish I could come help load the cars! There is magic in boxes for sure!

  2. Carrie your latest blog brought back a memory of my own son who enjoyed playing in empty boxes and letting his imagination take him away! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Packing and moving are stressful. You are a wise woman and know how to build resilience and keep your sanity. And you are right – you will get things done. And then comes the unpacking – one box, one hour at a time, again. I wish I could help.

  4. So inspirational. I look forward to reading your thoughts and reflections as you move into the next moments in your life.

  5. Carrie,
    This is beautiful. You have a knack for turning the moments over and finding the celebrations. Thank you for faithfully celebrating each week. Godspeed on the next leg of your journey.

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