Monday April 18th, 2016

It’s Monday! What are you reading?

Each week I share a reading photo of the week. This week it is all about reading a Jon Klassen favourite to your little brother during buddy reading!

Monday April 18th, 2016 #IMWAYR There's a Book for That

For our #classroombookaday, we loved lots of books about community and home.

Monday April 18th, 2016 #IMWAYR There's a Book for That

Join Jen from Teach Mentor Texts and Kellee and Ricki from Unleashing Readers and share all of the reading you have done over the week from picture books to young adult novels. Follow the links to read about all of the amazing books the #IMWAYR community has read. It’s the best way to discover what to read next.


On the blog:

Teeny Tiny Toady: Questions and Answers with author and illustrator

Diverse Children’s Books: Water in our World

Books I enjoyed:

Ida, Always written by Caron Levis and illustrated by Charles Santoso

This is a tender book about friendship and loss. Allows for conversations about preparing for a death and carrying on. A very special (fictional) story based on a real connection between two bears in New York’s Central Park Zoo.

Ida, Always Monday April 18th, 2016 #IMWAYR There's a Book for That

Teeny Tiny Toady written by Jill Esbaum and illustrated by Keika Yamaguchi

I featured this title this week with an interview with author and illustrator answering questions from my students. A sweet little rhyming book all about clever solutions, tiny sister power and love for family that conquers all! And peeking under the book jacket is a must!

 Teeny Tiny Toady Monday April 18th, 2016 #IMWAYR There's a Book for That

Anna Carries Water written by Olive Senior and illustrated by Laura James

Set in the Caribbean, this is the story of young Anna who strives to master the task of carrying water on her head. This story is beautifully illustrated and is, more than anything, a story of childhood: wanting to be grown up, wanting to be able to do what older siblings can do, wanting to face a fear.

Anna-Carries-Water Monday April 18th, 2016 #IMWAYR There's a Book for That

Beyond the Pond by Joseph Kuefler

I love the fantasy and imaginative elements of this story. One day Ernest D decides to explore the world beyond the pond . . .

Beyond the Pond Monday April 18th, 2016 #IMWAYR There's a Book for That

 Mr Squirrel and the Moon by Sebastian Meschenmoser

It seems that the moon has landed on Mr. Squirrel’s tree. Or has it? It definitely seems to be the case and he has quite the time trying to be rid of it.

Mr Squirrel and the Moon Monday April 18th, 2016 #IMWAYR There's a Book for That

One Day, The End Short, Very Short, Shorter-Than-Ever Stories by Rebecca Kai Dotlich and illustrated by Fred Koehler

Simply short stories full of images of all that happens in between. Perfect for Writer’s Workshop to talk about the importance of details, the power of illustrations, visual literacy, the large possibilities in small moments.

One Day, The End Monday April 18th, 2016 #IMWAYR There's a Book for That

The Princess in Black (#2) and the Perfect Princess Party by Shannon Hale and Dean Hale

I love nothing better than reading these titles aloud to my class. They love them! This one was lots and lots of fun!

The Princess in Black Monday April 18th, 2016 #IMWAYR There's a Book for That

Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys

I can’t stop thinking about this book. One of the best books I have read. Ever. Sepetys just keeps getting better. This is some kind of historical fiction. Full of adventure, war time atrocities, human kindness and connection. It also tells the story of a real historical event that many of us know nothing about – the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff, the biggest and most tragic disaster in maritime history. Heartbreaking, compelling, an incredible read.

Salt to the sea Monday April 18th, 2016 #IMWAYR There's a Book for That

Reading Progress updates:

2016 Chapter Book Challenge: 15/75 complete

Goodreads Challenge: 115/400 books read

#MustReadin2016: 13/30 complete

Nonfiction Picture Book Challenge: 16/100 titles

Diverse Books in 2016: 14/50 books read

Up next? I am in the middle of All Rise for the Honorable Perry T Cook by Leslie Connor

29 thoughts on “Monday April 18th, 2016

  1. Salt to the Sea was absolutely fantastic. I loved how Sepetys makes you care for some characters while despise others.
    Great picture books. One Day The End is a favorite. So much you can do with that book!

  2. I loved Salt to The Sea, too, really love all her books. Now we have to wait for the next one! I think all classes should have One Day, a lot of fun for writing. Will look for Mr. Squirrel and The Moon, and Anna Carries Water, both sound good. Thanks, Carrie!

  3. Isn’t Ruta brilliant?!?!? Have you read her others? They are both so good also!
    One Day is on my soon TBR, and I look forward to reviewing Toad this week.

    Happy reading 🙂

  4. Just reading about Ida, made me want to cry, but I still want to read it. I’m waiting for Sepetys’ book in audio format. I liked the first Princess in Black better than the second one. I purchased the third too, but haven’t had a chance to read it!

  5. I knew I wanted to read Salt in the Sea, but now I know I NEED to read it. I love her other books and this one sounds like it is even better. I love all your picture book suggestions each week too. Have a great reading week!

  6. You have a lot of book that I need to check out, here! I loved Beyond the Pond and would like to get a copy for my classroom. I definitely need to read Salt to the Sea! I know many people have said wonderful things about it. Glad that summer’s coming soon, and with it time to read! Have a great week!

  7. I too loved Salt to the Sea. My copies of the second and third Princess in Black books just arrived. I will have to bring them home this weekend.

  8. Your review of Salt to the Sea makes me want to pick up the book RIGHT AWAY! 🙂 Unfortunately, it is such a popular novel at our library – practically all of our 50 copies are out on loan! I am intrigued by Ida, Always – and will borrow it next time I visit the library.

  9. Oh, Ida, Always looks like a tear jerker! I love the picture books you bring to my attention! I will put in a request for Salt to the Sea soon, I might have gone a little overboard with my book collecting lately 😉

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