Celebration: Happy, happy, joy, joy

This week I am celebrating joy. The joy floating about our classroom community. We have been together not quite 3 months and this week, something clicked. We are a we, an us, an important, connected community. There have been signs. There have been traces. There have been moments. This week, we got there.

And so I celebrate all of the happy, all of the joy, all of the we.

I found it in all of these place . . .

Three boys and the latest Elephant and Piggie title.

Celebration: Happy, happy, joy, joy

Sisters off to book shop during buddy reading.

Celebration: Happy, happy, joy. joy

Sharing radishes during afternoon play time. Crunch, crunch. Munch, munch.

Celebration: Happy, happy, joy. joy

Science exploring with our Let’s Talk Science volunteers. “I am science!” one child exclaimed.

Celebration: Happy, happy, joy. joy

Sneaking up on Warning: Do not Open this Book! by Adam Lehrhaupt and illustrated by Matthew Forsythe Preparing to reaPlease, Open this Book! These titles required some very careful sneaking because there are wild creatures in them talking all about being well, wild, and then complaining about being trapped. Reading these was a full out adventure.

Celebration: Happy, happy, joy. joy

Sharing a book review with our guest reader from the BLG law firm who gifts us with books every week.

Celebrate: Happy, happy, joy, joy

The thing I know about arriving in the land of we – there is no going back. I am beyond thrilled to be here. And I’m not going anywhere.

Thank you to Ruth Ayres and the #celebratelu community!

Being part of a community that regularly shares gratitude and celebrations truly transforms my weeks.


14 thoughts on “Celebration: Happy, happy, joy, joy

  1. Love this post, of course. Your words about the power of community really got me thinking–AND the time it takes to build. I am always a bit frustrated with my Children’s Lit class, the class I most want to create that kind of reading community in. But it takes time to become a “we,” and we only have 15 weeks together. Just as we’re really getting there, the semester ends! So glad you’ve gotten there with your group because as you say, there’s no going back now! Love seeing all that book love too.

    • Thank you Elisabeth. Time does what it does – we can’t make it more or less powerful even though we want to! Building community really does take time. The only secret I know to rush it along a little is to have a number of little moments all in a row full of lots of emotion, powerful learning and connection – really exactly what picture books can provide! Keep sharing that book love – they take it with them!

  2. The building of “we” is the life-changing work you do. It is all about what we really want for children that include literacy throughout the day. As important as breathing and eating. You make it look easy and natural. It isn’t but seeing it here keeps us aware that it is possible.

  3. I could write from each thing you shared, each part of that puzzle important that is such a jumble at the beginning, even pieces missing, and then excitement builds, as the teacher watches, that final piece is there. Love your movement into “we”. so nice to hear about.

  4. Love reading about the click that finally arrived this week! Our profession is so challenging, and you’ve had your share of challenges this year. So glad you had these moments of payoff! And now I’m off to request those two titles you mentioned. You keep my PB basket full!

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