Celebration: “Have hope everyday.”

Yesterday I spent an amazing day at the Primary Teacher’s Conference: Empowering Learners. I learned and confirmed. The best possible kind of experience. It is satisfying to know I have a little bit figured out and inspiring to be stretched to consider some things in new ways.

I wrote pages and pages of notes because that is how I process. Looking over what I wrote this morning, I realize I chose a lot to save and think about. But, if I had to choose a favourite line it would be this one from Maureen Dockendorf who isΒ BC’s Superintendent of Literacy and Numeracy. She said many brilliant things. The best? Simply this: have hope everyday.

So this is what I celebrate this week. Little moments that give me hope. Because lots of little moments result in lots of hope. And sometimes we need buckets full.

Watching my students interact and imagine as they play gives me hope. Eating imaginary treats they have baked is quite a delicious experience.

Celebration: "Have hope everyday."

Watching children share books with my parents gives me hope. I know the love of literacy shines bright in those interactions. Tuesday afternoons are a favourite time.

Celebration: "Have hope everyday."

Watching relationships build gives me hope. Observing the beginning of trust and risk taking is incredible

Celebration: "Have hope everyday."

Watching playful interactions gives me hope. Our days should be filled with joy. Here is my Mom giving this monster a kiss because we learned from Monster Trouble! by Lane Fredrickson that monsters do not like kisses! So if you are afraid of a monster, pucker up!

Celebration: "Have hope everyday."

I am lucky that I get to do what I do every day. I fill my pockets with hope and celebration so that I have the chance to do more of it.

Thank you to Ruth Ayres and the #celebratelu community!

Being part of a community that regularly shares gratitude and celebrations truly transforms my weeks.


22 thoughts on “Celebration: “Have hope everyday.”

  1. So lovely to see you yesterday at the conference! Glad you were able to take away a little hope from the day and that, through your challenges, you are still able to see find that hope in your classroom. There is light for you, my friend. You will shine again.

  2. Carrying away hope from the conference and from your classroom is quite a good ending to the week, Carrie. I think you’re right. It is good to have buckets full! Love seeing your parents visiting, and that monster kiss!

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