Celebration: The things I have needed

This week I celebrate the things I have needed. This morning I was thinking about how we have children go through the exercise of dividing needs and wants. Even little ones clearly identify food, water, shelter as things we need. Special toys, fancy shoes, and extravagant candy, those are wants.

A few days ago our Teacher Librarian shared the comments from my last year’s class when they were asked about what qualities we should want in our next Prime Minister. I was so proud of their thoughtfulness and their passion. Lots of wisdom and lots of clarity. No waffling. This answer absolutely captures basic rights that we should be able to provide for all citizens. Basic needs. Necessary.

Celebration: The things I have needed There's a Book for That

But of course there are things we cannot measure as neatly on the need and want continuum. Love. Comfort. Calm. How much do we need? How much do we want? And that oh so difficult question that we don’t really ask in these school exercises (at least with the little ones) How much do we deserve?

This week I am celebrating the things I have needed. Because I have. Needed them. Without guilt, without excuses, without explanation. I celebrate that they have been there. I celebrate that I have accepted them and held them close.

Celebration: The things I have needed There's a Book for That

I have needed to be surrounded by children. To watch their wonder. To hear their deep and enormous questions. To watch them play. To hear them giggle. To be witness to their excitement and awe of the world. To be amazed by their kindness and generosity.

I have needed to walk. On my own. With friends. In the rain. Through the leaves. In the chill of early morning.

I have needed small indulgences. Rich dark coffee. Bites of birthday cake. Crisp apples. Warm toast and blackberry jelly.

I have needed wise friends. To sit with them with a cup of tea. To have them check in. To read their insights and perspectives. Knowing nods. Open smiles. Presence.

I have needed a really long book. To be lost in. To learn from. To hide in. To cry over.

I have needed my family. For so many beautiful reasons.

And finally, I have needed to celebrate. Like I do every week. Once I would not have thought that celebrations are acts of bravery. But they are. If you celebrate regularly, you will know what I mean.

Thank you to Ruth Ayres and the #celebratelu community!

Being part of a community that regularly shares gratitude and celebrations truly transforms my weeks.


14 thoughts on “Celebration: The things I have needed

  1. The needs you describe help us to be who we are, fully, without reservation. The joys you share build happiness. Everybody needs and deserves happiness.

  2. I love the idea of having students write about what you need in a leader. I may steal that. It’s good to celebrate what we need and I hope that all your needs are being met because you are a lovely caring person and I appreciate your bravery.

  3. Love your thoughtful reflections. Your gratitude for these things shines through your words. Celebrating them makes it all enough.

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