Celebration: Little Sparks

How I love looking back over a week to find reasons to celebrate. They are always there.

Each day, my classroom is becoming more of a community. Little sparks start it out.

We honour play, creativity and childhood vision. Getting outside everyday matters.

Celebration: Little Sparks There is a Book for That

Time with our Kindergarten buddies – afternoon walks and playground play are paving the way for buddy reading that will begin soon.

Celebration: Little Sparks There is a Book for That

The book love has caught on. The children are asking for “book time” right after lunch. What do I notice?  Some sit individually with books and get immediately lost. Buddy reading happens naturally. Some children love to get into our bins of board books

Celebration: Little Sparks There is a Book for That

Readers are supporting growing readers who chime in when they can. Certain books are read over and over.

Celebration: Little Sparks There is a Book for That

One child said to me this week, “You have the best books!” I replied, “We have the best books.” We shared some delighted smiles.

Our #classroombookaday is a huge hit! The Friday voting is a favourite thing. This week’s winner? Josh Funk‘s Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast Such fun!

Celebration: Little Sparks There is a Book for That

This week I celebrate the little sparks, the moments when the learning took over and the routines that are beginning to settle. I also celebrate that while there are lots of needs and times where we are just hanging in, we still are experiencing it as a community.

“I think we need about 100 adults,” one little boy spoke wisely in one such moment and we all burst out laughing. Slowly, but surely . . . One step at a time. With each other. We are fanning these little sparks and the learning momentum is heating up.

Thank you to Ruth Ayres and the #celebratelu community!

Being part of a community that regularly shares gratitude and celebrations truly transforms my weeks.


9 thoughts on “Celebration: Little Sparks

  1. Getting outside is a gift. I think I want to get out to the playground more often to see my students in a different setting. Your classroom, as always, looks like a wonderful place of nurturing and enthusiasm.

  2. Fanning the sparks – I love the image. Your word choice of “we have the best books” is a glue in building the community. Step by step – it is still the beginning of the year and the small steps have already taken your readers to the worls of books and stories.

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