Celebration: Quiet Possibility

lt is the weekend before school begins. Another year. I can imagine there are so many mixed emotions whirling around about this fact. So many things felt by students, teachers, parents. I have been waiting for big feelings to hit me. After last year and the prolonged teacher’s strike and not being able to begin September like we always have, I thought I would feel something big. But there is no big. No small. Just a quiet and calm. It’s comforting. This is my celebration this week. The quiet possibility that is around the corner.

 Celebration: Quiet Possibility There's a Book for That

I celebrate the unknown. The questions children might have. The direction those questions might take us. The things we will discover. The problems that will arise and how we will approach them. The wisdom at the other end that will be the reward.

I celebrate ideas. Some that might work. Some that might turn into something huge. Some that I don’t even have yet but am saving room for. Especially for the ones that are “shifters” and let me once again shake up what I thought I knew and do things differently.

I celebrate relationships. The relationships we will build in the room. The connections we make to people who will become part of our year. The authors and illustrators we connect with. The volunteers and guests who share time with us. The other people who will be part of our weekly routines: parents and families, other students and various school staff.

I celebrate my learning and all of the places I will find it: in books, in experiences, in reflections, in brilliant children.

I celebrate quiet possibility. It’s out there waiting to be noticed.

Thank you to Ruth Ayres and the #celebratelu community! Being part of a community that regularly shares gratitude and celebrations truly transforms my weeks.


20 thoughts on “Celebration: Quiet Possibility

  1. Quiet, calm and comforting are seldom the words I hear teachers using at the beginning of the year. I am so happy for you and the students that this year you have that kind of a start. Cheers to all the learning that is awaiting ahead!

  2. I love this post for so many reasons. It is filled with possibilities and so many resonate with me this morning. I love the idea of “saving room for” ideas. Have a great possibility-filled year!

  3. I celebrate that you get to start on time this year. Love your sense of quiet, calm, comfort and quiet possibility. So much to celebrate on the eve of a new school year. Have a year filled with learning and possibilities!

  4. I’m excited for you and all the possibilities. I read your blog and love that you give back to so many people…you ideas…the books that you explore. I would love to be a little bug on the window to observe all the happiness that your students enjoy every day. xo nanc

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