Celebration: A summer pace

It’s summer and slowly, slowly I have been embracing a summer pace. This is what I celebrate – the time to do all of these things and breathe in between.

  • Bookstore visits. Yes, I can’t get out without a few titles following me home but how I love the wandering, the reading, the choosing.

Celebration: A summer pace

  • Coffee with friends. Not starting with the “busy, busy” check in but with hugs, smiles and time.
  • Walking in the neighbourhood and having time to notice wild and wondrous things like this . . . fungi? I don’t know if this is a good thing but it sure is startling.

Celebration: A summer pace

  • Baking banana everything. Eating banana everything. Muffins. Cake. Loaves. With lots of coffee. Yum. (Because those bunches sure do go brown quickly in the heat)
  • Weeding. Deadheading. Appreciating garden views even though it has been weeks and weeks without rain. In the Pacific Northwest, this just feels so wrong. Particularly appreciating all of my drought tolerant plants.

Celebration: A summer pace

  • Reading a lot. And then a lot more. Watching my children do the same.
  • Blogging a lot. And then a lot more. All of the reading means I start thinking in lists. Loved making this latest one.

Celebration: A summer pace

  • Listening to the hawks cry. And then discovering them mid day sitting on our roof. The sound is incredible.

Celebration: A summer pace

When we celebrate life slowing down there is much to appreciate.

Thank you to Ruth Ayres and the #celebratelu community! Being part of a community that regularly shares gratitude and celebrations truly transforms my weeks.


20 thoughts on “Celebration: A summer pace

  1. Love the slowing down we’re on the same page. I love celebrations because it’s about diversity my celebration today is about way too much rain!! Hopefully weather can switch zones soon.

  2. Summer pace is such a welcomed treat. Unfortunately, we have had all that rain you have not had. Flooding rivers, ruined crops, and many cloudy days is what Indiana is all about this summer. Because of all the rain, we have had some interesting fungi too, but not like the one you have. That is incredible. Enjoy your summer pace…I go back in 3 1/2 weeks! Yikes!

  3. Beautiful post! Usually I would be able to commiserate with the lack of rain, but we’ve had the wettest summer on record in western SD. It’s Ireland green around here! (And the weeds have gone wild!) I had no Internet for a couple of days this week–horrors!–so I’m behind on blog reading. Need to pop over and see your newest list–love the topic!

  4. Saw your latest list yesterday – great titles on your list I may plan a display for our July book club gathering. I’m right with you about our lack of rain in the NW. It rained during our four hour drive from Kansas City to the farm. It was a delight to see, even though I usually hate driving in the rain.

  5. An inspiring post. I will be looking for inspiration next week. The celebrations we may not notice during the school year. I just purchased I Will Take A Nap as well. Thanks for sharing.

  6. How to “breathe in between” is an art you show so beautifully in this post. I just want to sit beside you drink coffee and eat banana bread!

    The drought is terrible. We’re letting our grass go “California Gold” and pulling it out.

  7. i’m finally through with the ‘messing’ with books & now hope I can read and read, write, too, Carrie. I wrote about noticing today too. It is wonderful to be out & wandering & seeing neat things! Sorry about your drought-so topsy-turvy this year. We should have the drought, not the rain. I haven’t commented, but am reading your lists! Fun to see!

  8. Carrie,
    I’m envious! The pace of our summer has been so unexpected — busy and chaotic and gogogo! Looking ahead on the calendar, it slows down this week. Your post inspires me to savor the moments we get to unrush. Enjoy all of those sweet treats! Thanks for always celebrating.
    Shine on,

  9. Thanks for sharing the photos!
    Even though it’s summer time, I still need reminders to slow down. I’m not good at doing that. I’m good at filling in every available space and moment!

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