Celebration: Fuel

Some weeks are hard. They are made up of many chunks of challenge, of upset, of stress. Not all day, every day. But, moments.

Moments of frustration. Moments where we worry. Moments where we wonder. Moments where we feel drained.

When too many of those moments happen in one week, the balance is tipped. It isn’t a week where amazing outweighs the challenges. It is a week where deep breaths are well utilized. Where some soul searching happens. Where teetering on the edge of here and there helplessness is the way it is.

I don’t usually say it, because it’s not where I focus, but I work in a school with high needs, high vulnerability, high poverty and sometimes, it is really hard. This is not the most important thing about what I do. I teach children. Amazing, creative and generous children. We do amazing, creative, inspiring things together. Not in spite of the stressors. Not because of them. But along side of them. And the amazing things? They shine so brightly that they guide me home and pull me back to do it all over again. Full of energy and excitement.

Every so often though, I need to gather fuel. Fuel to recharge when there are lots of hard moments. This week, I celebrate that thanks to some sunshine, some impressive and supportive colleagues and the laughter and smiles of the children I work with, I found the energy to go looking for that fuel. And of course, I found it. Right there. Where it always is. All around me. Waiting to be noticed. Ready to shine the light.

Each little moment is full of the promise of many more. So breathing deeply, I celebrate each of these pieces of my week. The fuel I needed.

Next week?

I am ready for you.

Celebration: Fuel There's a Book for That

Hurrah! Off we went on a walk through the neighbourhood on a geocaching adventure.

Celebration: Fuel There's a Book for That

A group brainstorming ideas and key words for their writing. Asking passionate questions.

Celebration: Fuel There's a Book for That

Miriam and one of my students experiencing the beginning to read stage with one of our Kindergarten buddies.

Celebration: Fuel There's a Book for That

Some love notes for my birthday.

One child also told me. “I like old people.” 🙂 Well, phew. I guess I can keep this job!

Thank you to Ruth Ayres and the #celebratelu community! Being part of a community that regularly shares gratitude and celebrations truly transforms my weeks.


14 thoughts on “Celebration: Fuel

  1. It is so true, the fuel we need is right in front of us, how lucky to have a job that is self-fueling. Except, you have to know this, and be open to gathering it however it comes. A gifted teacher you are… lucky students.

  2. That last part, big laugh, Carrie. I’m glad you can keep your job too! And happy Birthday! Your week sounds a bit like mine-some days… But there’s always next week, as you write.

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