Must Read in 2015: Spring Update

It’s time for our first #MustReadin2015 update! How are you doing with your list? Progress? Or have other titles called louder? Sometimes that is the way . . . 🙂

Must Read 2015 logo Must Read in 2015: Spring Update

My #MustReadin2015 list has 24 titles on it and I have completed seven. I am also almost finished an eighth. That puts me pretty much on track considering I’ve completed about 1/3 of my list at 3 months into the year. My #mustreadin2015 titles account for about half of my novel reading so I am proud of how well I have stuck to the list. At least, so far!

The novels I have read:

Glory O’Brien’s History of the Future by A.S. King

Everything A.S. King writes is so unique and makes me more of a fan. This is a wild ride. Glory O’Brien has some voice.

Glory O'Brien's History of the Future Must Read in 2015: Spring Update

100 Sideways Miles by Andrew Smith 

Smith writes such incredible young male characters. Likeable, honest, and vulnerable. They are stubborn. Questioning. Navigating the challenges of teeenage times. Boys who don’t need to be perfect. Who are figuring it out. Who get much of it wrong but some of it really right.

100-SIDEWAYS-MILES Must Read in 2015: Spring Update

How to Outrun a Crocodile when Your Shoes are Untied by Jess Keating 

Captures the intensity of this middle school age – the navigating the social world, the figuring out of who one is with lots of humour, surprises, embarrassment and joy. As my daughter, who happens to be 12, and have a twin brother, said “this book is so real.” Ana is a character you will want to keep reading. I will definitely be picking up Jess Keating’s next novel and soon!

How to Outrun a Crocodile when Your Shoes are Untied Must Read in 2015: Spring Update

The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

Lots of love. Lots of pain. Grief and mourning muddled up with falling in love and living. Some stop you in your tracks images and lines. Wow. After reading Nelson’s I’ll Give you the Sun, I couldn’t wait to get to this book.

The Sky is Everywhere Must Read in 2015: Spring Update

The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher by Dana Alison Levy 

I loved every member of this wonderful family. I rooted for each of them, celebrated them, smiled so big it hurt my cheeks. This is what family is. Loved the noisy, messy mumble jumble of every day love and family connection explored in this book. A happy, hilarious MG read.

The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher Must Read in 2015: Spring Update

Arcady’s Goal by Eugene Yelchin 

A book you can pick up and read in one sitting. But images will follow you around for days. Reminds us how cruel or kind a community can be. This is the second Yelchin noveil I have devoured. I am definitely a fan.

Arcady's Goal by Eugene Yelchin Must Read in 2015: Spring Update

Rooftoppers by Katherine Rundell 

An absolutely lovely middle grade read. Full of imagination, hope, courage and the magic of the unnoticed. I think this might be a future student book club selection for us.

Rooftoppers by Katherine Rundell Must Read in 2015: Spring Update

Up next on my list? My children and I are reading The Shadowhand Covenant (Book Two of the Vengekeep Prophecies) by Brian Farrey. I hope we finish it this weekend and then we will begin Mark of the Thief by Jennifer A. Nielsen. For my personal reading, next on my list will likely be Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt (I just bought this title with a Christmas gift card!) or The Meaning of Maggie by Megan Jean Sovern (just picked up at the library).

If you have been participating in #MustReadin2015 and written an update post, please share using the #MustReadin2015 hashtag!

Want to know more about #MustReadin2015? Read here This post also includes links to all of the bloggers who wrote Must Read lists.

Next update will be on or about July 1st 2015! We are thinking of doing a twitter chat at this time to share favourite titles. Anyone interested? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

22 thoughts on “Must Read in 2015: Spring Update

  1. I’ll be more free for a chat in July for sure, &perhaps I’ll even have made some dent in my list. Sharing today, but not much off the list! I loved the Fletcher family & Arcady’s Goal, still want to read The Meaning of Maggie!

  2. Hi Carrie – I’m working on mine. You’ve read some great books so far this year. I adored the Fletcher family also and expect it to become one of those new classics. If the rest of yours aren’t already on my to read list for this year, they will be there next year.

  3. I love the idea of a Twitter chat too. You’ve made such good progress on your list! I’m impressed. I’ve been called by so many other books. Of course, that’s the beauty of having a serendipitous reading life, and after so many years of grad school and required reading, serendipity is more important to me than most things in my reading life!

    • Agreed. The lists are one thing. Sudden inspiration and passion are another. I just always try to think that if a book made the list, at one point it was singing loudest to be read! The list helps me remember that 🙂

  4. You’ve got some great titles on your list – I think all of them are on my TBR list on Goodreads. The only one I’ve read is Arcady’s Goal. I really wanted to reAd The Sky is Everywhere after I read the amazing I’ll Give You the Sun. I’ll get to it eventually!

  5. Just posted my update on my blog and linked up here! I’m impressed with your progress. I’ve done a lot of reading, but a good bit of it hasn’t been from my #MustRead list– yikes! I definitely see some titles on your list I want to add to my TBR list. I have read How to Outrun a Crocodile…. Cute, funny book! I’m really intrigued by The Family Fletcher and The Rooftoppers. In your “looking ahead” list you have some good titles, too– two of them are on my must-read list. I’m sure you’ve heard lots about Fish in a Tree– LOVED that book!

    The twitter chat sounds like fun! Thanks for hosting this challenge, Carrie! I’m off to peruse everyone else’s lists! 😉

  6. Your YA titles have been catching my eye . . . glad to hear they’re enjoyable! Jess Keating’s book is great and I agree, she has the “voice” for that age figured out. That and the second book in the series are happily making the rounds in grade 5 where I shared them as the Book Fairy. E and I really enjoyed The Roof Toppers as a read aloud. I too am falling for the Fletchers, albeit as my current audiobook. Happy reading!

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