Celebration: Spring Break

I almost feel guilty celebrating true spring here in the Pacific Northwest as I know our rain is someone else’s snow and our blooming spring flowers haven’t even peeked through in some places but . . . I just had a two week Spring Break and I celebrate it. I had 6 days in Seattle with my family, some of it happily spent with my sister and her family. We also had time to just be, work in the garden, go for walks, appreciate the rain. It has all been slow and lovely.

I celebrate

  • Exploring different cities

Celebration: Spring Break There's a Book for That

  • Incredible views

Celebration: Spring Break There's a Book for That

  • Evening walks on the water

Celebration: Spring Break There's a Book for That

  • Lots of bookstore time. List making. Reading. Purchasing.

Celebration: Spring Break There's a Book for That

  • Library visits that go on for hours

Celebration: Spring Break There's a Book for That

  • Cousins, Uncles, Aunties and walks

Celebration: Spring Break There's a Book for That

And some things I have no pictures of but made my break just as happy:

  • Coffee, thick books and sweets (all at the same time)
  • Organizing my bookshelves
  • Winning the war with the weeds
  • Transplanted tulips that still bloomed!
  • Dreams of garden plans that might really happen . . .
  • Happy twelve year olds and their chitter chatter
  • Listening to an audio book with the family on long car rides
  • Two more days until my 18th wedding anniversary

Thank you to Ruth Ayres and the #celebratelu community! Being part of a community that regularly shares gratitude and celebrations truly transforms my weeks. Read all of the celebrations by following the links shared here.


19 thoughts on “Celebration: Spring Break

  1. I have never been to Seattle, but your pictures are a beautiful tour guide. Bookstore visits are always a celebration. I am sure we will be reading about some new books you found in the coming weeks! Happy anniversary too!

    • Oh yes, I have many books I am reading through and enjoying. I will be sharing! Bookstores are all too rare because of so many big box stores so I love when I can spend time in a beautiful bookstore dedicated to books and not throw pillows!

  2. Happy Anniversary, two days early! Two weeks of fun sounds heavenly, Carrie. I love going to Seattle, a beautiful place, & since Denver is so dry, I love the wet! Glad you had the chance to do all that book stuff!

    • The book stuff is the best stuff! I love when there is lots and lots of time for it. And oh yes the wet! It has been pouring for days. I moved some things around in my garden and they are all happily drinking in the rain. I wouldn’t mind a little sun now . . .

  3. Spring break that happens during the true spring (sun and flowers) deserves a huge celebration. I am happy that you have had a wonderful time.

  4. Looks as if you had a wonderful spring break! I have several similar photos of book stores in Victoria! (also with cream buns and coffee!) It was a much needed break and I enjoyed every moment of it!

  5. I’m jealous of your spring break! Schools were closed here yesterday due to snow! So glad you spent time surrounded by books. I can’t wait to read about your next recommendations.

  6. I know just what Linda means about loving those visits to the Pacific Northwest. It’s so dry where we live. Library visits that last for hours sound perfect. Bookstores and coffee are about all I need to make for a great vacation too. Simple pleasures! I noticed buds on the lilac bush yesterday. Spring is coming! My garden is also a disaster. Your post reminds me I need to get outside and start working. Happy anniversary!

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