Celebration: New views

This week a bit of a theme seemed to emerge – seeing things in a new way or seeing things for the first time. I had a shortened teaching week due to a Pro D day in my district and travelling to participate in Pro D to the island so my learning “adventures” were a little more varied.

This is what I celebrate this week: new views.

#1 It was the third annual Nonfiction 10 for 10 this week. Follow the link to check out all of the lists shared. My theme this year was Change your perspective. This list featured my favourite nonfiction titles that allow us to think about something from a completely new or different perspective.

Change your perspective Celebration: New views There's a Book for That

#2 Watching my students in buddy reading this week was lovely as always. But, as I walked around and listened in to the reading and the conversations, what really stood out was their leadership. My students have really become reading mentors. They are responsive to their listeners, they are monitoring for understanding, they are aware of attention span and they are asking amazing questions. I couldn’t be prouder.

Celebration: New views There's a Book for That

#3 My students adore Calef Brown. We love his art. We love his wonderful poems. This week in art we made some images inspired by his.

I loved how some images were Brown inspired with such a lovely “child” twist. Like this sweet little moment between these characters below.

Celebration: New views There's a Book for That

#4 These views were truly new views of the most beautiful and majestic kind! They are taken out my window flying back from Port Hardy Friday evening. I loved the tiny plane ride and the incredible views of mountains and coast line that we could see out the window. The flight back to Vancouver had no empty seats and many people were snapping pictures of these gorgeous scenes.

Celebration: New views There's a Book for That Celebration: New views There's a Book for That

#5 The reason I was in Port Hardy was to participate in Vancouver Island North Teachers’ Association’s District Professional Day on The Whole Child. It was an honour to present the Key Note address and to be able to share my love for nonfiction picture books in the two nonfiction workshops I shared. The photo below is part of my book stack  – upside down with sticky notes everywhere which made sense for me as I presented.

The North Island community was wonderful. While I had only a limited time there, I was touched by the stories that people shared with me and by the warmth in which I was welcomed. The beautiful landscape, the dancing and the drumming, the care and commitment of these educators . . . it was a wonderful 24 hours for me.

Celebration: New views There's a Book for That

Thank you to Ruth Ayres and the #celebratelu community! Being part of a community that regularly shares gratitude and celebrations truly transforms my weeks. Read all of the celebrations by following the links shared here.


14 thoughts on “Celebration: New views

  1. Wow, Carrie, I’m sure that the North Island audience adored hearing you in the keynote, as well as being inspired. I would have loved to have been there! I do love the pics of your students, this time, those two young girls looking so thoughtful! And, the art, so cute, helps cement the images of the picture book artist, doesn’t it? Have a great week!

    • Thanks Linda. I love that little piece of art. It just makes me smile over and over again. It was a real honour to deliver the Keynote address at this Pro D day. Many people shared their stories with me afterwards – reminds you of the incredible work teachers do.

  2. Such beauty in your post, as always. Your students have become so literate as reading coaches and artists. Their work always inspires me. What lucky teachers to hear you speak. I’ve loved the 10 for 10 series books. Now I have to figure a better way to share them with my students. So many books never enough time.

    • Thanks Julieanne. Agreed, many many wonderful books to share. We have a Camp Read day coming up and my plan is to have one part of the day be devoted to some nonfiction titles I have been dying to share.

  3. I wish I could hear you present. Your written words are passionate, I can imagine that the spoken words have even more power. Some time ago I read your reflection on a workshop you gave to parents and caregivers. Using you as an example I was able to nudge our first grade teacher to give workshops. Thinking of you as we get ready for another workshop in two weeks.

    • What lovely feedback Terje! I am going to be giving another parent/caregiver workshop at the beginning of April on the importance of literacy experiences at home and what those can look like. Always so wonderful to connect with families.

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