Celebration: The Book Cycle

On the day when everyone is celebrating love – I am going to celebrate book love. How lucky I am to be surrounded by it!

It made it onto my Valentine envelopes

Celebration: The Book Cycle There's a Book for That

I get to witness it all week – in Reading Workshop, during quiet reading and most adorably, during buddy reading with the Ks.

Celebration: The Book Cycle There's a Book for That

This week we wrote about our classroom library and one little reader’s writing was a beautiful gift of celebration of how much we love books and how much I love books.

I celebrate it here:

I like that in our classroom library, we never say there is too many books because you can never have enough books!! Everybody likes every single book because we have so many memories like reading with our friends or this is the book I read when I’m sad. Ms. Gelson always book talks books which means she’s adding more books to the library which also means we have to make room. Ms. Gelson bought a whole new shelf for nonfiction!!! By the end of this year, we’ll be drowning in books 

You know how there’s a butterfly cycle and a blah blah cycle and all the other cycles? Well let me tell you about the book cycle. Step 1: Empty book shelf  Step 2: Mediumish filled book shelf  Step 3: Almost full book shelf  Step 4: Full book shelf and finally  Step 5: Drowning in books because there’s too many books. Sorry – you can never have enough books! And that is the book cycle 🙂

Maybe that book cycle doesn’t fit your teacher. If not, make your own up. I mean – that wasn’t made up though. But back to the point . . . That book cycle sure fits my teacher. She’s a little bit book crazy as in goes to the book store everyday! 

Here is the author of this incredible piece of writing with her favourite book! (She does read it when she’s sad. But also when she’s happy or mellow or tired or  . . . )

Celebration: The Book Cycle There's a Book for That

I wish all of you some love, particularly a little of the bookish variety!

I celebrate that I have a room full of books and wonderful readers to read them!


Thank you to Ruth Ayres and the #celebratelu community! Being part of a community that regularly shares gratitude and celebrations truly transforms my weeks. Read all of the celebrations by following the links shared here.



25 thoughts on “Celebration: The Book Cycle

  1. I have a bit of book love too as you know, & finally students are beginning to talk! Love this Valentine, Carrie: “By the end of this year, we’ll be drowning in books.”

  2. I just love this post! My heart lies in the primary grades (although I love them all) and your book talks warmed my heart. I’m now a literacy coach, but my students used to say things like “you can never have enough books…right Mrs. Rush?” and I would savor those moments. Your love for reading is transferring right to those lucky students of yours. Thanks for sharing such a great post!

  3. The Book Cycle…I knew I was missing a cycle to teach!!! I love this. I feel like this crazy statement is one of the best compliments one might receive as a teacher. 🙂 I smile as I read these reflections.

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  5. What is there not to love about The Book Cycle. My classroom welcomes readers, too. Shouldn’t they all be overflowing with book love?

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