Celebration: Time to Read, Winter break style

The holidays have arrived. For book lovers everywhere this means TIME – uninterrupted, guilt free time to read and read and read! This is my celebration this week – my anticipation of time with books to be lost in and inspired by story.

My favourite holiday note was this one from Rebecca in my class. It is so wonderful that our first term was full of so much special reading. Better still that Rebecca chose to highlight it in her note to me. What I love about the holidays is that I get lots of time to feed my own reading cravings – which lets me come back in January, refreshed and ready to create more time for “special reading” with my students.

I am a reader. My students are readers. We are a reading community!

Celebration: Time to Read, Winter break style There's a Book for That

Currently, I have very ambitious reading goals that I am horribly behind with. I waver between being certain that I will still meet them and considering myself incredibly foolish to even think it is possible. But, I celebrate my ambitious plans to try! I have a goal of reading 100 novels this year. I did it last year. This year the prolonged teacher’s strike ruined my relaxed summer reading and I fell behind.

Last night I finished two novels and this morning I read a beautiful novel in verse. A little surge of hope happened! How it stands now: I have finished 82 out of 100 titles to meet this goal. 82 done. 18 to go. 11 days. Hmmm. . .

Here is my current TBR pile. I will need to finish these titles and 3 more. Possible? Unlikely! But I am willing to try! Think of the fun in the possibility! Each book read only enriches my life. So no harm in trying 🙂

Celebration: Time to Read, Winter break style There's a Book for That

Wishing all of you some quiet time to read and enjoy a book or two (or eighteen if you have a goal like mine!) Elisabeth Ellington, I know you hear me!

Thank you to Ruth Ayres and the #celebratelu community! Being part of a community that regularly shares gratitude and celebrations truly transforms my weeks. Read all of the celebrations by following the links shared here.


25 thoughts on “Celebration: Time to Read, Winter break style

  1. Wow what an impressive book pile and goal. I am nowhere near you, but am looking forward to the promise and possibilities for reading in the weeks ahead. I just finished Drama (<3) …looking for my next PD book. Happy reading Carrie.

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  3. Those are some very fat books! I’m trying to balance the fat books with some super skinny ones. Sadly, YA seems to be all about the fat book. I love that you’re celebrating the same thing I’m celebrating today. I am certain we can do it!

  4. yes I think you should keep your TBR pile, but add some skinny books so you can meet your deadline. That’s not cheating, that’s adjusting what you do have control over. Happy holidays to all of you. xo

    • Funny how this self imposed goal is so motivating. Brings out the creative problem solving! I may be looking for skinny spines the closer I move to the 31st but there are a few thick titles I am not going to pass over!

  5. My Goodreads goal was to read 310 books this year; 10 more than last year. Not even close to reaching it, but have read more grown-up novels and chapter books this year, so I’m ok with it. (Sort of!)
    Happy Holidays and Happy Reading, Carrie!

  6. 18 titles??!?! That’s amazing! I was just telling my husband tonight maybe 4 titles…I need to get busy! 😉 (And off my laptop!) Have a lovely break!

  7. So many books… I always think I have more time to read than I do. I love having too many good books to read!
    Did you see book #4 in the Lunar Chronicles is coming out next month? I think that series will be on my #mustreadin2015 list!

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