Celebration: “I have 5 things to share.”

When we do our weekly gratitude circle I have a few girls who often announce, “I’ve got 3 (or 4 or 5) things to share.” And then they happily rattle off all of the things they are thankful for. It is quite delightful. I admire their focus. And their big hearts. So . . . today I celebrate that I have 5 things to share 🙂

I am grateful that one Mom takes numerous photos at my son’s soccer games (great photos always!) and sends them out to all of the parents. As I am taking my daughter to her musical theatre classes, I don’t often get to the soccer games. These photos give me a peek! My son has the hot pink cleats.

Celebration: "I have 5 things to share."

I am grateful for strong coffee on Saturday mornings and a good book that I can fall into before most of the house wakes up. Currently, this is the novel I can’t put down. Celebration: "I have 5 things to share." There's a Book for ThatI am grateful for connections with authors. This week we got a letter back from Elise Gravel, author of The Disgusting Critters series. I read it aloud in gratitude circle. Can you say happy listeners? Celebration: "I have 5 things to share." There's a Book for ThatI am grateful for buddy reading with the kindergarten class. My class steps up and makes the entire experience magical. The Ks will see me in the hall and say things like, “Oh, it isn’t Wednesday. We don’t get to come to buddy reading today.” Or – “We’re coming to your class today! Your kids are going to read to us!” This is guaranteed happy time! Celebration: "I have 5 things to share." There's a Book for ThatI am grateful for the wisdom my students share during Reading Workshop. It is my pleasure to record and post them! Reading Workshop this week has been full of focussed reading, great conferences and student chatter about books they are enjoying. Celebration: "I have 5 things to share." There's a Book for ThatThank you also to Ruth Ayres, for the inspiration and her Celebration Link up that she hosts each week. I love how being a part of this #celebratelu community reminds us weekly to look for the positive and take some time for gratitude. celebrate-link-up

17 thoughts on “Celebration: “I have 5 things to share.”

  1. The gratitude doesn’t count numbers -two, five, eight – each one matters, even the tiny ones. But I like how you took your students as models “I have five things to share.”

    • The counting is a funny thing 🙂 I love how they need to announce that it is bigger than we might be expecting. And I love listening to all of their gratitude and all of the gratitude in this #celebratelu community!

  2. Wonderful post! I love the glimpses into your classroom. And I love the idea of the gratitude circle. I need to start using that in a couple of my college classes. And a big yes to the strong coffee and quiet time on Saturday mornings. I love being awake on Saturday and Sunday mornings before everyone else.

  3. Your gratitude circle reminds me of the rose and thorn we used to share in our Sunday School class. It was so much easier to come up with a rose, so glad that Ruth has us focusing on celebrations each week! I read Nest this fall, a great read with much to discuss.

  4. Loved Nest, but sad too. Also, love seeing that pic of the ‘happy listeners’-so cute Carrie. You’ve set up so many thoughtful kinds of learning, & I enjoy hearing about it, too. Nice that you get to see your son in the pics!

  5. I love the action shot of your son!
    I can’t wait to “fall” into Nest too 🙂
    I love seeing everything you are doing in your class. And it looks like your students definitely know a lot about being a reader 🙂

  6. What a great shot of your son! I too, am grateful for parents who are great at catching those shots. I’m thankful for the pictures of how you display the learning as readers, we changed course after school started, and I’ve been looking for a way to capture and display the thinking about being a reader. This gives me some inspiration. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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