Any Questions?

Yesterday, we ran out of time to do our afternoon picture book read aloud. But . . . I had already showed the trailer for Any Questions? by Marie-Louise Gay and students were eager to read it.

Aww!” they exclaimed when I announced we didn’t have time. “Tomorrow?”

Tomorrow was today and we had an all day field trip to Science World, but I thought we might be back in time and put Read Aloud in our day plan pocket chart.

That book? Will we read it today, Ms. Gelson?” I was asked many times.

 Any Questions? There's a Book for ThatWe returned to school with 23 minutes before the bell. Coats away. Carpet. Mindful breathing. Time for a read aloud. But just! Within minutes, the room was quiet. Students were captured. We entered Marie-Louise Gay‘s imagination, learned about her story conjuring process and heard a wonderful story . . .

 Any Questions? There's a Book for That

I read the last word at 2:59 p.m. and students rushed to tell me favourite parts:

“I like the giant because he is so huge. And the purple beast!”

“I saw Stella and Sam I think.”

“It was funny that the monster’s name was Fluffy!”

“I like all of the details and speech bubbles. I know she wrote it but it kinda seemed like kids wrote it.”

“I spotted a little Stella! I did.”

Rushing kids out the door heading out to do afternoon supervision, I still had the book in my hand. Near the playground, talk about the book continued:

“My favourite part was the end pages – it looks like she dipped markers in water.”

“I like all of the little stories inside of the book.”

“Do we get to read it again tomorrow? I want to look at all of the answers in the back.”

I used the book to cheer up someone who had fallen.

“Do you want to see a purple beast?”

Look at this smile!

 Any Questions? There's a Book for That

Then I started getting requests.

“Can I see that book too? What was the page you just showed?”

I, of course, was happy to share. But when I asked for the book back, others were not happy to return it 🙂

 Any Questions? There's a Book for That

However, after the book love could be shared with some others . . . I got my book back. Isn’t that how it should be? Stories are meant to be shared and shared and shared.

 Any Questions? There's a Book for That

Got it? Because if you have any questions, here’s the book for that:

 Any Questions? There's a Book for That

Any Questions? by Marie Louise Gay is a perfect book to celebrate for Picture Book Month

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9 thoughts on “Any Questions?

  1. I just read it two days ago and it’s sitting in a bag right next to me, ready to be returned to the library. I like books that explore the craft (and art and creativity) of story writing. So nice to hear that your students enjoyed the book as well.

  2. I love this whole post. Nothing brings me more joy than when kids clamber all over each other to get to a new book and look at particular parts. Thanks for sharing.

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