Celebration: Seven Scenes of Summer

Thank you to Ruth Ayres, for the inspiration and her Celebration Link up that she hosts each week. I treasure this #celebratelu community who always find moments of gratitude in our busy weeks.

celebrate link up

I didn’t get to share a celebration post last week because we were away on a family holiday. It was time with Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles and cousins. Walks and sorbet cones. Chasing each other around the lake. Leaping into the pool. Reading for hours.

I celebrate these seven scenes of summer and all of the memories that each of them hold.

Happening upon little critters we don’t see in our area. In Vancouver it is all about the grey squirrel (and we aren’t exactly fans . . . ). But cute little chipmunks are worth stopping to quietly watch.

 Celebration Seven Scenes of Summer

Exploring with cousins. There are six kids all born within 38 months of each other. They loved running ahead of parents as we went walking both near and far from where we were staying. These next two pictures are taken at the Othello tunnels near Hope, B.C.

 Celebration Seven Scenes of Summer

Spectacular wild water.

 Celebration Seven Scenes of Summer

There is something about walking out on a long deck at the lake. Contemplative thinking. Time slows down.

 Celebration Seven Scenes of Summer

We also found smaller docks on smaller lakes and sat and read with dragonflies zooming about everywhere.

 Celebration Seven Scenes of Summer

A forest walk near yet another lake led to this discovery.

 Celebration Seven Scenes of Summer

Of course I had to share this picture with Barbara O’Connor. If you have read The Small Adventures of Popeye and Elvis, you’ll know why.

Goodnight lake. Evening walks were always beautiful.

 Celebration Seven Scenes of Summer

What are you celebrating this week? I hope some walks in some beautiful places will be part of your week.

13 thoughts on “Celebration: Seven Scenes of Summer

  1. Definitely enjoying wonderful walks with my daughter this week. Love these words – “We …sat and read with dragonflies zooming about everywhere.” A vacation for me always includes time to read!

  2. I have noticed the dragonflies more here in the NW than at home in the south. Our summer vacations are wonderful times to reconnect with family and relax. When my kids were younger and we all got together, we called it “cousination.”

  3. The nature in your province is glorious, truly! And your photographs-spectacular. Yet another of your multi-talents, Carrie! You are but one of the wonders of British Columbia. Thanks for sharing your beautiful family celebration.

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