Nora’s Chicks

Our BLG book this week was Nora’s Chicks written by Patricia MacLachlan and illustrated by Kathryn Brown.

Nora's Chicks There's  a Book for That

What a wonderfully lovely title that could be used to talk about what it is like to move somewhere new, away from friends, family and country. Little Nora moves with her family to the prairies from Russia. Nothing looks or feels the same and she is desperately lonely. Some little chicks and two geese become her adopted companions and lead her to both friendship and joy. A wonderful historical fiction selection.

I loved how one of my little Junior Book Club members made a connection to Charlotte’s Web (our current novel). When Nora got some chicks that were all her own, she cried out, “That’s just like Fern – she got a little pig for all her own.”

Thanks to Magnus for sharing this title with us!

Student reviewers respond:

Hyo Min rates this book 10/5 and writes: How many chicks are there? Is it bright at a farm? Is a farm in Canada or not? There is a lot of weeds. Me and Nora are sad because we moved to a different country. Maybe she misses snow people like her Grandma and Grandpa. Maybe she misses her friends from Russia. This story reminds me when I moved to Canada. I felt sad. I missed my friends, the sun and the nature. I visit and stay for a few weeks.

Steven rates this book 5/5 and writes: I like the chicks. Nora feels sad because no tree, no friends and no hills. She had chicks and a dog. She had a new friend.

Arianne rates this book 4/5 and writes: Nora was sad because she had no one to play with until one day she got some chicks. How did they travel to America?

Brian rates this book 3/5 and writes: My favourite part was when nora found a dog. I think that dog lost its owners. Then Nora wanted to keep that dog but then Willie started playing with Milo. Then Nora’s Dad got some baby chicks. After that, she started having so much fun because they followed her everywhere. The chicks helped Nora make friends with Susannah. 

Ava rates this book 2/5 and writes: I have a connection. My Aunt is named Natasha like one of the chicks. I think it needs more action and it would improve it.

Kevin rates this book 5/5 and writes: The family is clean and has pretty cloth. First Nora was lonely. Then a friend showed up and then Nora was happy. It was a happy ending. At the end, she was happy because Susannah showed up. She missed her home. Susannah was shy to ask Nora out to play. Milo got a dog and Nora have a friend and lots of chicks. So it’s even. What did they do to get to America?

Joeli rates this book 4/5 and writes: I think Nora was a nice person. She kept the chicks alive and fed the dog. But she was still sad because Willie played with Milo. She does not have any friends. So finally she has a friend in the end and her name is Susannah. They became friends because of the chicks and the chickens.

Heman rates this book 3/5 and writes: My favourite part is when Nora found the dog. Nora named the dog Willie. Willie liked Milo more than Nora. Milo is Nora’s little brother. Nora was lonely. She wanted a friend. Nora’s dad gave her chicks and two geeses. Nora named all the chicks and geese. Nora once lived in Russia but she needed to go to live in a prairie in America. Nora was homesick. she didn’t like this place because there were no trees or mountains. Nora’s chicks followed Nora everywhere she went. Nora named the chicks Russian names. 

Kassidy rates this book 5/5 and writes: I love the book because she finds a new friend. Nora was sad because she was lonely and had no friends. Nora was shy when she first met Susannah. Susannah was shy too. Nora’s Dad wanted to eat the chicks but he doesn’t because he gives them to Nora. Nora loves the chicks but she was still lonely. Nora was homesick. Nora promises Susannah to give her some chicks.

Soleen rates this book 5/5 and writes: Nora had no friends and she was so sad. Now Nora has a friend and she is happy. She was homesick. Nora was very shy when she tried to talk to Susannah but it was hard for her. She names the chicks Susannah, Eva, Natasha, Friend, Galna, Ivan, Fritz, Polina, Wolfgang, Clacker and Hoots. She talked to Susannah and promised she will give some to her. That’s how they became friends. She lost a chicken and Susannah found it. 

Pheonix doesn’t rate the book but offers this comment: Those chickens look tasty.

🙂 This was a laugh out loud discovery in the pile of reviews!

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