For anyone out there with a To Be Read list that seems like it will never end, this challenge is for you! This is all about making your own personal list of books 5? 10? 20? 30? more?that you want to commit to reading in 2014. Books can be published in any year, be from any genre, and from any category -adult, YA, MG, Graphics, NF, etc titles.  All that matters is that they are books you want to be sure not to forget as that TBR list continues to grow! These aren’t the only titles you will read over the year, but a list to help guide your reading.


Join Maria Selke from Maria’s Melange and myself to take part in the #MustReadin2014 challenge. Thank you to Linda Baie from Teacher Dance for joining us and creating a button and image for us to use!

Many of us began sharing using the #MustReadin2014 hashtag on twitter and in sharing our lists, we realized we were a little community of readers with a common goal – tackling the TBR list! Make a list on Goodreads or share titles in a blog post and include the titles you want to be sure to read in 2014. We will try and connect over the year through the twitter hashtag and likely through blog posts four times this year: April 1st, July 1st, October 1st and a year end review to share our progress.

These are the lists shared so far

Mine is here: My Must Read Novels of 2014

Maria Selke‘s list is here: Must Read in 2014: The Challenge Begins

Linda Baie shared her list here: Books I Must Read in 2014

Elisabeth Ellington shared here: #MustReadin2014

Lorna Wheaton‘s list is here: 2014 Reading Intentions

Leigh Ann Eck shared here: Check off your Reading List Challenge

Earl Dizon‘s list is here: Reading Challenges

Lauren Strohecker has a great list of 2014 books she wants to read here.

Christina Williams shared her list here: Must Read in 2014

Alyson Beecher‘s list is here: My Must Read in 2014 List 

Hannahlily Angus shares her list: Must Read Titles of 2014

Julie from The Fun Librarian blog shared her list is here: Must Read in 2014

Holly Fairbrother shares her list: Must Reads for 2014

Julee Murphy lists her must read titles in this post: My Must Read List for 2014

Ann King shared her list here: Must Read in 2014 

Crystal Brunelle shares her must read list from Goodreads here

Julieanne Harmatz shares her list here: #MustReadin2014

Margie Myers-Culver posts her list here: #MustReadin2014 This is an interesting list put together using Pixie Clip (Virtual Post it Boards) Margie explains how to do this in her post!

Adrienne Gear shares her list: #MustReadin2014

Michele Knott has a brand new blog and here is her post: My #MustReadin2014

Holly Mueller shares her list here: #MustReadin2014

Gigi McAllister added her list: My Must Read in 2014

Stacey H. shares her list here: Must Read in 2014

Tricia Barton shares a number of middle grade must read titles: #MustReadin2014

Megan Ginther shares her list here: Must Read in 2014

Jen Hong added her list: Must Read Books 2014

Cheriee Weichel shares her list here: Must Read in 2014

Please contact me via twitter or leave a comment and I will add your list if you would like to participate! Everyone is welcome! But be warned, reading other lists may grow your own! 🙂

Gathering Books has a Check Off Your Reading List Challenge you can learn more about here. All the wonderful ways to be part of a community of avid readers! Read Myra’s post here to discover how we are all beautifully connected!

CORL 2014

61 thoughts on “#MustReadin2014

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  3. Hi Carrie,
    First of all, I LOVE what you are doing here! And, I got sucked in reading your To Read in 2014, so many awesome books listed! But my joy (and curse) is that I am only ever reading books from the current calendar year (I will be reading 2013s until April and then switching to 2014s) for my committee work. And the books I chose are based on what I can get through the libraries and what publishers send us. It is a fabulous journey, but I never know where it will lead me. As much as I truly do love this idea, I don’t see that it fits with what I’m in the midst of. 🙂

    And thank you, thank you, for inviting me to join in the fun, I really appreciate it!
    Hope you’re having a wonderful New Year-and staying warm!

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