Curiosity Racers

I am excited to announce that our classroom now has a class blog: Curiosity Racers. I will continue to share all of my #booklove on this blog as well as reflections and rantings about learning and teaching.

Curiosity Racers will showcase sneak peeks into our classroom learning. Student art and writing will be shared. Photos of our learning in various areas of the curriculum will be highlighted and students will have the opportunity to guest post to share important events. And because my students are avid book lovers and readers too, many book reviews and reader responses will be included.

Curiosity Racers

So far, we have three posts up on the blog. We would love any comments as we are learning to respond collectively and appropriately to the comments left on our  class blog.

Want to learn about what math looks like in our room? Read here.

Curiosity Racers

Does meeting some grumpy witches sound like fun? Check out this post.

Curiosity Racers

Do you know the book Desmond and the Very Mean Word? Students shared their thinking here.

Desmond and the Very Mean Word Curiosity Racers

I would like to thank inspirational B.C. educator Karen Lirenman (@KLirenman) for encouraging me to give more voice to my students and their learning. Hopefully next, we will begin to have individual blogs. I follow very far behind Karen and all of the amazing things she does but I keep her clearly in sight running through her many learning experiences with her students! Always, I am learning from the work that she does and so generously shares.

5 thoughts on “Curiosity Racers

  1. Your blog has sparked my imagination! As I too am wondering how I might create a rich resource for my administrators, teachers, students and parents. What a wonderful way to communicate with your school community. I can imagine your students one day writing their own book / art reviews using this media. Would you mind if I shared it with the the 20 or so schools I serve in the Peel District School Board?

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