Picture Book favourites shared by my book loving daughter!

My lovely daughter Beatrice (who is almost eleven) was inspired by my excitement over all of the wonderful picture book 10 for 10 blog posts and decided that she wanted to share hers! She raced downstairs and selected her favourite titles from our bookshelf and wrote her reviews.

This is the very first guest blog post on my blog and I couldn’t be prouder!

pb 10 for 10

Hi everyone I’m Beatrice and these are my top ten picture books!!! I hope you enjoy my reviews and read these amazing books. Thanks!

The Princess and the Pea by Lauren Child captured by Polly Borland

This book is GREAT because it’s a funny twist of a fairy tale. And it has amazing art!!! My favourite part is when they are telling about the other princesses. It’s really funny!!!

princess and the pea

The Gypsy Princess by Phoebe Gilman

I really enjoyed this story because it has a moral. The moral is be who you are because somebody else might seem better, happier and cooler but it’s better to be you!!!

gypsy princess

The Quiltmaker’s Gift written by Jeff Brumbeau and illustrated by Gail de Marcken

I think this book is important because it tells you that even if you have the best of everything you aren’t going to be happy because it’s better to give than receive!!!


Who’s that Knocking on Christmas Eve by Jan Brett

This book is a fave because it has beautiful illustrations and the story is relatable to
your life (even though it is also a fantasy) I definitely recommend this book TO BE READ ON CHRISTMAS!!!!

who's that knocking on christmas eve

Chester by Melanie Watt

This book is HILARIOUS. Seriously, it’s a riot. It has humour spread like jam on every page!!! There are Chester replacements, poetry, lines and so much more!!! (Most of this you will only understand if you READ THE BOOK!)

Chester’s Back by Melanie Watt

This is the (also) HILARIOUS sequel to Chester. If you like the first one, GO TO A BOOK
STORE NEAR YOU AND BUY THIS! Chester would insist.

Chester's Back

Who is Melvin Bubble? by Nick Bruel

What a funny book! We hear many people’s perspectives on who Melvin Bubble is – some of them are not very nice. I would be nervous to ask a whole bunch of people to write about me like this!

who is melvin bubble

Playhouse by Robert Munsch illustrated by Michael Martchenko

This book is about a girl whose parents give her whatever she wants. When I was little and my Mom read this to me, I thought I never would have wanted a Play Mommy and Play Daddy. I liked the real ones!!


Ribbon Rescue by Robert Munsch illustrated by  Eugenie Fernandes

In this book people are forgetting things for a wedding they are going to. A little girl gives them what they need no matter what! This book shows that it doesn’t matter what you have, you can still help. 


Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson illustrated by E.B.Lewis

This is a sad but important book. People can be really mean by not speaking up or ignoring others. This book shows us that you will probably regret if you aren’t kind and also if you just stand back and don’t help.

each kindness

** Thanks to Cathy from Reflect and Refine: Building a Learning Community and Mandy from Enjoy and Embrace Learning for hosting this picture book event!

75 thoughts on “Picture Book favourites shared by my book loving daughter!

  1. Great list! The Chester books are favorites of mine. I love your line about how the humor is “spread like jam”. I would like to share this description with my students. I agree that “Each Kindness” is a sad but important book. Congratulations on your guest post!

  2. Great list of books, Beatrice! There are a few books on your list that are my favourites as well. I love anything that Melanie Watt writes (and that she’s a Canadian, is ever better!). I haven’t read “Each Kindness” before, but it looks like it’s a book I need to check out. Thanks for the book-inspiration and for sharing your list with us.

  3. Beatrice I absolutely love your list of favorites! I agree with you that Chester is hilarious! I love the metaphor you used “humor spread like jam on very page”. Fantastic! With your permission I would like to use your post as an exemplar for my 5th grade students as they begin their personal blogs this year.

    So glad you joined the #pb10for10 fun today!

      • Thank you Beatrice! I know it’s not a picture book but have you read Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library yet? If not, as a fellow book lover, I think you will really enjoy it. I read it today…couldn’t put it down! I think I want to re-read it and keep track of all the book titles and quotes the author wove into the story.

        Again, thank you for allowing me to use your post. My students will become better blogger with your help!

  4. Beatrice, you did a lovely job in sharing your favorite books with us. I think I will go and buy Each Kindness so I can read it to my kindergarten class. The others also sound interesting.

  5. Beatrice,
    What a wonderful blog post! I really enjoyed your detailed comments about each book, and how your writing was so enthusiastic. I also loved the jam metaphor for humor.
    I am about to be a grandma, so I appreciate your picture book recommendations. I’ll be adding new books to the baby’s library!

  6. Beatrice, I LOVE your book choices! Many of them would make my Top 10 list, too, especially the Chester books. I love all of the Scaredy Squirrel books, too. Reading is so magical, isn’t it? I love being transported by a great story and beautiful pictures!

  7. Beatrice, I love that you joined in the fun and was a guest blogger! How fun! I also love that you introduced me to a few new ones. Your choice in Each Kindness was spot on (of course it was on mine too), and your choice in including Jan Brett (I also love the illustrations) was great. Thank you for sharing your experiences with books!

  8. Hi Beatrice! I adore your list! I also love Melvin Bubble. It’s one of our favorites, too! I liked reading what you thought the author’s message is for the reader. I hope you keep blogging!

  9. Hi Beatrice,
    Thank you for sharing your favourites- I am going to look for and read Each Kindness and Who Is Melvin Bubble? You have inspired me and you have reminded me about some great books- thank you!

  10. Beatrice, I love your list! Chester is a very funny cat, and Each Kindness is a story that everyone should read. You’ve included some books I haven’t heard of, but now want to read. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about your favorite picture books!

  11. WOW!! You have some of my favorite authors listed-Jan Brett, Melanie Watt. I’m excited to read Each Kindness and share it with my Fourth Grade Students. Beatrice, you have inspired me to encourage my kids to start blogging and making lists of their favorite reads. Thank you!

  12. My daughter Ashlyn and I loved reading your book list. We have added a few to our reading list! We are interested in a new Christmas book for sure, and we have never read the Chester books, so we look forward to those as well. You did an EXCELLENT job on your blog. Your mom made a great choice for her first guest blogger. I hope you keep it up because you are great at it.

  13. Oh Beatrice! These books reviews are wonderful! I love the extra phrases you include; Chester would insist, humor spread like jam on every page and TO BE READ ON CHRISTMAS! I have been collecting Jan Brett books for years. My second graders do an author study of her every year. And Chester is hilarious. Melanie Watt sure does write the best kind of books. And I could just wrap myself up in the quilts in The Quiltmaker’s Gift. They are so beautiful. Thank you for this post.

  14. Beatrice, you write great reviews! Your love of reading and your excitement for all 10 of your faves comes right through. My friend Laura (just above me!^^) suggested we should all come read your reviews and she was right! It’s been a while since I’ve read picture books, but you’ve inspired me … I want to find these and read them with kids I know! Thanks!!

  15. Beatrice, what a great collection of picture books you have shared! I love your description, “has humour spread like jam on every page” and if it’s all right with you I’ll share this with my new 5th grade students when we start school in September! I will definitely try that Lauren Child book – I have a couple of her other books and think she is fantastic. You should check out her book, “Who’s afraid of the big bad book?” sometime, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.
    Congrats on a great guest post on your mom’s blog – maybe you’ll start your own blog!

  16. Hi Beatrice, Your list rocks! I don’t know the Chester books but can’t wait to give them a read. You have such thoughtful reasons for every book you chose. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Hey Bey,
    Congratulations on the guest post. I’ve only read the Robert Munsch books on your list, so I guess I’ve got some reading to do. Thanks for the recommendations, they’re so diverse! I’ve got to say that I like your writing style too, you’ve found a great balance of humour, seriousness and have selected a broad range of books that would appeal to lots of different people. I’d be interested in reading any more posts you write.
    Blog on!

  18. Wow Bea! I love every book on your list. I haven’t read Melvin Bubble so I will be getting it. If you liked Who’s that Knocking on Christmas Eve by Jan Brett, I will have to introduce you to The Cat on the Dovrefell: A Christmas Tale, translated by George Webbe Dasent, and illustrated by Tommy dePaola. It is the same story told a bit differently. (I prefer it – especially the illustrations of trolls)
    So now that you are guest hosting blogs, how would you like to guest post for my blog?

  19. This is a great list, Beatrice! I LOVE funny books but haven’t read the Chester books yet. We have a big book of Jan Brett’s winter/Christmas stories at our house but that story isn’t in it! I will look for that one next winter! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Like so many today, you’ve added many to my growing list! I don’t know the Chester books, so look forward to those, but especially like the ones you shared that were about people being themselves, like The Quiltmaker’s gift. And the Christmas one looks wonderful. I have lots of Christmas books & don’t know that one at all. I too would like to use your post as an example for students. I work with teachers and I’d like to show them what students can write in a blog post. Thanks for taking the time for all of this!

  21. B, I loved your first every blog post. I think perhaps your mom needs to get you your own blog too. I know I’ve been encouraging her to have her students blog. I think I may need to come and visit your collection soon too. It’s been way to long. I’ve never read “Who is Melvin Bubble” so I’m excited to get my hands on that. 🙂 Karen

  22. Dear Bea,
    It’s Felicia (yes, THAT Felicia) and I think your list is wonderfully curated. Your comments are thoughtful and spot-on – you have a way with words! There’s a few picture books I’m not familiar with so I’ll need to take a look at your recommendations. And I agree with Finn’s post (Hi, Finn). Say hello to your Mum & Dad, rascally brother and hope to see you all soon.
    PS Will be sending a care package..of what else..books!

  23. Hi Bea,
    Phoebe Gilman is one of our favorite authors!
    We got to know her work through the JIllian Jiggs series – it was always so fun to read! (Jillian Jillian Jillian Jiggs, it looks like your room has been lived in by pigs!!!) 🙂

    Then we found The Balloon Tree and Something From Nothing – both are now also favorites for story time! Interestingly, I just read that she made up the Balloon Tree story to console her daughter, who was upset because her balloon popped on a tree branch! Isn’t it interesting to read the stories BEHIND the stories, sometimes? (http://www.phoebegilman.com/balloon.html in case you’re interested)

    Thanks for the “heads up” that she has another book we didn’t know about! We’ll probably be at Chapters tomorrow, looking for The Gypsy Princess
    Thank you!

  24. Good Morning Beatrice,
    Kudos to you for being your Mom’s first guest blogger! You certainly have a wonderful way of capturing the essence of each of these books and peaking my curiosity to read those I am unfamiliar with. I do love Each Kindness and the Chester Books are a hoot! I look forward to hearing your thoughts again soon.

  25. Hello Miss Beatrice,
    I am so proud of you and how thoughtfully you chose each book and how, with each description, you made other readers want to embrace your choices. As I mentioned in my message to your mom, you have inspired me to go through Mateo and Milo’s bookshelves and choose my 10 favorites and Teo and Milo want to choose their favorites, too. We’ll let you know once we’ve decided… It will be so hard to keep our lists at only 10 books! I loved reading all of the comments you received, Bea, especially the one from Finn! Keep reading and writing, Bea – you have a lot to share!
    Auntie Gina

    • Hi auntie Gina!!! I totally understand ONLY TEN BOOKS how can you choose?!!! I am going to have to do more top tens soon!!!
      I think I’m going to get a blog!!! I’ll get my mom to send you the link!!!

  26. Excellent guest post! Thanks for your list. I am adding some of them to my Goodreads account so I remember to read them. I have never read Melvin Bubble or the Gypsy Princess and a few others. I love Robert Munsch, but haven’t read those that you mentioned. Thanks for your reviews!

    • Beatrice – thank you for sharing this amazing collection of your top 10 favorites! Who’s That Knocking on Christmas Eve is my two boys’ favorite Christmas story. Their favorite part is when one of the troll says “Have a little sausage, kitty!” I love Melanie Watt and even though she is most famous for her Scaredy Squirrel books, I like that you have included her Chester books! I don’t know the book Who is Melvin Bubble? but it looks like a great book and I’m excited to read it! Thanks again for sharing your books with everyone! Well done!

  27. Hi Beatrice! I’m going to run right out and buy all three Chester books and get a taste of that “jam”! If it’s ok, I’d like to use your writing in my library as inspiration for the young writers I teach.
    Ms. D

  28. Beatrice,
    This is such a great list. My classes always love Robert Munsch. They just can’t stop laughing at his books!

    I haven’t read your recommended version of The Princess and the Pea. I’m going to have to check that out.

    Thank you so much for sharing your favorites and joining the conversation about books. I think everyone was excited to read your post and hear about your recommendations. I’ve added your post to the collection.


    • Thanks so much!!! I ( like your class! ) am always laughing at Robert Munch!!! I am so glad MY POST is on the collection I feel so
      Thanks again!!!

  29. Hi Beatrice,

    What a great list! I love that you got excited about posting your favorite books too! My daughter is 6 and I hope that when she is your age she can do a guest post on my blog. For now, I just try to get her input. We will definitely be putting some of these on our list.

  30. Beatrice…I am late with my congratulations but we didn’t have WiFi on Protection Island. I loved reading your blog and also loved the responses. You have inspired and delighted a lot of people! ( Even your brother Finn!). Lots of love from Neene May

  31. Oh Bea, what a fantastic list. You really make each book come alive. I’ve already begun writing my own list. Just reading your comments made me think of so many ideas for this year! I am excited to have you in my class and I have a very strong hunch that I am going to learn a whole lot from you.

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